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    Question Druid lvling

    Hello,i would like to ask,what is faster way to lvl my druid,i have lvl 81 druid but dont know what to play further,balance or feral? Please help me what is better for lvling 80-90.Thank you for help

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    Well i found that lvlin as a feral is so much faster in cata and start of mop but last 2 lvls it reallysucks as a feral.

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    I leveled guardian, you hardly take damage and the dps is average. You can pull more and handle more than boomey or kitty and tanking randoms is a plus.

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    go bear--works fine for questing and instant dungeons Q's if you are at all into tanking or learning to tank.
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    and how does DF log you as dmg,fast enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by illillii View Post
    and how does DF log you as dmg,fast enough?
    Not sure on what your asking. Queuing as a tank normally will get you a faster q time. In my battlegroup almost instantly, same for heals. Whereas a dps at lvl 80-85 has to wait 10-15 minutes. and up to 30 min from 86-89.

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