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    Balance Haste

    Im in 485 ilvl gear at the moment and even reforged all Haste I can't meet the 5,273 Haste cap. Im reforged Haste and gemmed Crit and currently around 4,670 Haste. Should I gem pure Haste instead of Crit to meet the 5,273 Haste cap or just flat out gem/reforge all Crit till I can make 5,273? Hopefully that makes sense.

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    Could you possibly link your armory?
    Without any armory data to base myself on, I'd say that yes, you're probably better off replacing 2 yellow crit gems for haste ones.

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    Depends - if you have to reforge to haste from crit to get cap but you are geming crit - that does not makes much sense.

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    go all crit if you can't make it comfortably. (comfortably meaning, you don't have to gem and reforge everything to haste to make it)

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    Unless you have the Tier 14 4set, I'd suggest going for the 5273 haste cap. That's what we did in MSV with lesser gear, why not do it now? You should get the haste cap by default soon unless your gear is full of crit/mastery.

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