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    Coming back to WoW, Warriors still fun?

    Please don't mistake me for someone as a FOTM, but I've always had fun playing Warriors through PvE. PvP however is a different story, my opinions change every patch. I'm coming back and I have 2 mains, one of which is a Warrior and another is a Rogue. The only reason I don't want to play Rogue again is that while they're fun and great in PvP, they're very BORING in PvE. Not to mention my experience as a DPS only class in Raids/Groups for PvE were not that great.

    So my question is, are Warriors still fun to play? I sort of got bored of mine at the end of Cata when I stopped playing (played both, Fury PvE Arms PvP) and now I want to come back because I've never had as much fun PvEing on a Warrior, are they still fun in PvE? What about PvP?
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    Fun is such a relative term. Personally I find arms to be the pinnacle bad playstyle. I don't like certain aspects of fury either but it still is one of my favorite specs this expansion. Prot war is also ridiculously boring as basically your resource gains don't really scale. Oh and no worries Warriors are not the slightest bit fotm.
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    I dont know anything about PvP or Arms and have not played Prot since Cata. Will get my prot set going again soon. But my warrior as fury spec is the most fun I ever had in PvE as a Warrior, from Vanilla until now. But this opinion is just my opinion! Take it or leave it. Hope this helps a little.
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    Sorry edited OP, meant to say Rogues are fun PvP but boring PvE, reverse for a Warrior.

    Thanks guys, do you recommend I play something new? Fury was fun last I remember and looking up some stats on current DPS some say that Fury is in the better half of the DPS spectrum. PvP wise is different I'm sure as it comes down to gear and skill.

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    Fury is nothing like it was in Cata (well, neither spec is, really), but Fury to me felt very disjointed and random compared to Cata. Arms doesn't have the stance-dancing, but it's still very smooth. With gear, Fury ends up being the better DPS, but spiky. Arms is a bit lower, but is more consistent, and imo is easier to learn than Fury (reason is that Fury can't always fill all of its GCD fillers, so there's gaps where you really can't do anything.)

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    the word fun is subjective and based on each person's opinion. first off fury; it presents some challenges with rage constraints, mainly to hold off using some abilities to drop as much rage as you can into the 6 second CS window, though many of those issues ease up as you gain more crit and t15 2p. it does as well boast the highest dps of the warrior specs, with the option of using 2 handed weapons or 1 handed weapons.
    next arms, you won't have a button to not press. at lower ilvls arms wins the dps race.
    lastly prot, it got a good face lift from cata. the abilities that cost rage now are either free or grant it, shield block was given a rage cost, and they were given an absorb ability as well.

    in pvp fury does have a better chance to do well, compaired to previous expansions.

    all in all, i would give all 3 specs a fair chance in pve. for dps the overall dps simmed makes smf>TG>arms still but the difference is less than 15k.

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    I think the concept of active mitigation worked out great for prot warriors. I see a lot of hate, but for me, it feels like making a meaningful decision when it comes to tanking instead of smashing my buttons due to a un-emptyable ragebar. I also love the mobility, which is still the greatest feature of warriors, aside from some helpful raidwide cooldowns like shattering throw, skullbanner, demobanner and rallying cry. As a tank I also bring safeguard or vigliance, which has saved my co-tank´s ass more then once.

    From a fury perspective a lot has changed. For me, it feels diffrent but not less fun. With lower crit you will encounter moments, which cannot be filled with any attack. if you are used to continuing button smashing rogue style, it will be hard to adapt to that. Bursting is really nice and pooling rage is more important then it was ever before. Due to that, I guess Fury is quite easy to learn but hard to play perfect. You won´t have to track dots or buffs/debuffs, but you will have to throw an eye on Colossus Smash CD.

    All in all I am not even slightly tempted to reroll. Love my Warrior.

    Just don´t talk about PvP at the moment.

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    You are in a very nice position at the moment. You have the option to try out both your Rogue and your Warrior. Try them, get a feel for them and then decide what you want to play.

    Since you just came back I'm going to assume that you have no obligations in terms of your guild needs you for raids or something like that. So if the Warrior or Rogue doesn't appeal to you anymore you have the best opurtunity to reroll and play something different.

    It's very hard for me to say that you should play Warrior because I can only tell you, from my experience, that Warrior is very fun.

    There are very few things that I enjoy more than playing Fury in raids, seeing the rewards of really trying hard to do good dps. Or messing around with arms on farm bosses. Or, which is probably my favourite, grab a healer from my guild and go tank but in dps gear with Bladestorm and then proceed to pull huge packs and see like 500k+ dps!

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    I think it is. But it's all your opinion. If you want my opinion, I find Arms more 'fun' than Fury. It just seems like you have more rage to spare to use your skills. I just find the AOE rotation for Arms a little more reliable because of the DoT it has. Single targeting seems to do a good amount of damage. I do like Fury, but I just find Arms to be a better playstyle for me
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    Warriors are fun, play one.
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    Protection is fun, though I'd like to see some useful scaling from haste. DPS PvE is good, some utility, decent dps and quite fun.

    PvP is okay. You will see a lot of people complaining about this, mainly because warriors are lacking any strong points in PvP and are easily countered. I'd say we fare better in bg's than in arenas and if you want to go with rated groups you might be better of with another class. With that said, it's a knives edge and can change quickly.

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    I have played Warrior for 7 years (even more now I think!)...

    First, a note on PvP in general: Due to PvP Power and ridiculous item level inflation, PvP has been really difficult to play "casually" this expansion, because you get obliterated if you don't have the best of the best PvP gear, and PvE gear is useless. I'm not amazing at PvP, but I have been Gladiator once when I took it seriously. However, in it's current state, I don't think PvP is fun for any class.

    Fury PvE: I want to like Fury... but it's frustrating. Just when you feel like you've got a nice rhythm going, suddenly your crit chance seems like it's 0% and you get no procs, and the rotation fails to excite. Additionally, the animation for Raging Blow is terrible, and the sound for Wild Strike is also really bad. The whole thing looks and feels really awkward, especially with Titans Grip.

    Arms PvE: MoP has really butchered what was an excellent spec in 4.3 for PvE. Numerically, Arms is competitive, but in terms of playstyle, it's pretty much the easiest and most boring playstyle in the game at the moment. Having said that, it is admittedly fluid and at no point feels restrictive, and you don't ever feel like you've been screwed by RNG, and you certainly never have an empty GCD. Given how many specs in the game really suffer from some level of clunkiness, or terrible RNG reliance, if you prefer a reliable spec, Arms may be for you. There are also some beastly two-handers available at the moment (in terms of looks especially), and you can look very good wielding them imo.

    I recently came back to WoW and tried to change class, somewhat successfully - I went for Warlock, mainly to do the green fire questline at low ilvl gear (did it at 473 which I think is quite good). And while I can play the Warlock fairly well now, there's just something about Arms Warrior that is almost second nature to me, and I can intuitively do exactly what I need to do in every situation - fighting a rare elite, getting jumped on in world pvp, raiding, 5 mans, just everything. Whereas with the other classes (will use Warlock as an example) nothing has ever become as fluid as Warrior for me yet, so I keep returning to the Warrior eventually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aerodyne View Post
    Fury PvE: I want to like Fury... but it's frustrating. Just when you feel like you've got a nice rhythm going, suddenly your crit chance seems like it's 0% and you get no procs, and the rotation fails to excite.
    Really funny thing is once you reach those 90% bt crit and realize that you pretty much already hit the ceiling there as far as the rotation goes.

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    Thanks for all the responses guys,

    I can definitely relate, my first toon was a Warrior on an RP realm with friends and I've never had the same fun back I did in 2005 with him. He was one of those characters I left in the past and haven't touched since.

    I do know the feel of being second nature Warrior too, every time I come back it all just feels natural and I can have fun swinging a huge two hander down on things.

    I understand the frustration with Fury. Before I quit I noticed that as well, if I wasn't getting crits it was basically impossible to keep up good dps let alone play style and have fun. Basically crits = fun on Fury, which at one point my Warrior was pretty well geared and could do it quite often. That's why I think I had so much fun on Fury, but not so much in PvP. PvE though it was amazing with trash and tons of mobs, WW and RB was amazing. Then shockwave and DR came out and there's nothing like seeing so many crits come up in one time it was awesome.

    I'm sad to keep hearing Warriors aren't that great in PvP right now. I know that frustration as well since there have been times (seems like more often than not) that Warriors have a hard time in PvP and when we do have a hard time, we definitely have a hard time. At least we can always go back to PvE with the options of being sort of like an AoE DPS machine or fun tank or just straight up brutely demolishing things with big swings.

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    everything better than warriors right now.

    if u want to stay plate i suggest dk, pally is better if you pve since its nice to be able to fill lots of roles.

    my main is warrior and im level a monk now to be my main.

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