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    [Help] Tanking Challenge DGs.

    My guild will try the challenge mode on Sunday now and I wonder if anyone has already got any tips for a warrior protection.

    Talents, glyphs, stats, gems, any changes?

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    Try Bladestorm first, and if you die, try Shockwave. Didn't bother reforging, gemming or enchanting. Whatever you have, works. I almost always had Disrupting shout, you can try Piercing if you feel the need to kite. Try to pull as big as you can and don't cc, if you have trouble pulling one of the really big packs (3 packs on Siege on bombing boss, whole instance up to the 1st boss on brewery), try getting a BoP+Mocking banner as a wild card.

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    they key to tanking CM's seems to be kiting. gold time dictates massive pulls and the mobs can hit really fuckin hard. if u dont get hit, you dont die. at the same time u need to be able to maintain an acceptable level of threat considering anyone else will prolly die to mob hits as well.

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    Gold requires just specific Invis pot spots (most) and then just killing trash quickly.

    I recommend Bloodbath due to the bonus slow it has on it.
    Make use of Mocking Banner if you can kite (team has a slow, or Bloodbath up with HL, etc).
    Try to ensure there is a speed up buff in the group (hunter with aspect, priest with bubble) because warriors have no good speed up abilities (obviously due to the huge amount of mobility abilities we have which cancel invis pot buffs) which makes the timing on certain invis spots the challenge.
    Bladestorm is great for damage, since you can still block/dodge/parry while spinning, but I found shockwave quite useful for cc/kiting.
    Tier sets and legendary gems (not sure about new meta) don't work, so just go with whatever has the most gems. Hit and Expertise are not lowered if I recall.
    Bring Flasks and Food buffs, maybe some dps pots to use if you aren't near the invis pot spots.
    Use cds as necessary. Most dungeons are about 12 minutes long, so coordinate cd usage, especially on large trash packs.
    Glyph wise, I recommend Hold the Line and Heavy Repercussion due to the bonus damage (and the vengeance is high). Other one is really situational.

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