What we expect from you:
• We require applicants to be mature and fun!
• You must make 3+ Raids/week.
• We don't hold anyone to 100% attendance overall, but you need to be able to see out a raid week most of the time.
• Have a stable internet connection.
• Have the desire and patience to learn complex bosses as part of a team.
• (Believe it or not) There are more factors involved than NOT STANDING IN THE [OBVIOUS AREA OF AFFECT DAMAGE ABILITY] - some times fire is green or blue, and sometimes fire pretends to be poison, either way you aren't meant to stand in it)

Raid Times:
- Wed-Thu Sun/Mon 8pm-12am

Current Progression 10's:

Throne of Thunder
 - H - Jin'rokh the Breaker
 - H - Horridon
 - H - Council of Elders
 - H - Tortos
 - H - Megaera
 - H - Ji-Kun
Durumu the Forgotten
Dark Animus
 - H - Iron Qon
Twin Consorts
Lei Shen

Tier 14
16/16H clear in 5.1 (Server First and only)
Oceanic 3rd 10man, 
Oceanic 6th Overall
Actively Recruiting for
• Disc Priest
Ranged dps
• Mage
• Hunter
• Warlock
Melee dps
• Any Exceptional
• None
If your class isn't on the above list, we still very much encourage you to apply.

Our website: www.soswow.org
Follow the links and instructions for posting an app.

However, if discretion is needed, please email your application to: [email protected]

Alternatively, contact either myself Kiarae, Shihiro, Androdo, Bread or Rainbowfire in-game for a chat.

Past Accomplishments:-
* Realm First [Heroic: Sha of Fear]
* Realm First [Heroic: Grand Empress Shek'zeer]
* 10m First [Heroic: Deathwing]