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    Where Blizzard really went wrong with WoW

    All these threads about what they did and what they didn't do, and what they ruined, and blah blah blah blah noise noise noise.

    You want to know the real reason why WoW seems to dip in subs like this...

    BECAUSE THEY LISTENED TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wanna know why Vanilla was so great? Because Blizzard made WoW how the F*** they wanted to. When did it go wrong?

    When they listened to the communities Bit**ing Whiners with no sense of logic.

    If you are a person that comes to these forums and says "WoW is Dead" or "Blizzard ruined it", you are the same type of person who complained about every little thing you didn't like and got the community to share your opinion forcing Blizzard to change things out of fear of sub-loss.

    So imho, where did Blizzard truly go wrong? They lost their backbone and caved in to the community, who picked apart a truly amazing game to death.

    However I still love this game, I always will, I appreciate the fact that I can play such a game. You don't like it, go back to play Aion.

    Thanks community, You owe us all one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubblebutt View Post
    bla bla bla more verbal bullshit
    No problem it was my pleasure!!
    Jerk post #10 about the same old shit.

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    There are enough threads right now regarding the subscription loss. You're welcome to post your thoughts in those threads, of which most are right here on the front page.

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