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    Dark Animus 10N - Help!

    So we have killed this boss before. This past week however, we spent hours on it and couldn't get it down. We're using the strategy in the fatboss guide where you don't spawn any large anima golems. Everything runs 100% smoothly until we activate the boss.

    Anima font is absolutely wrecking everyone. Especially me. I died nearly every attempt to anima font. Looking at Skada, I'd be at 100% hp and would be hit by two fonts in the span of .8-1.2 seconds and then I would be dead. This only seemed to happen to me. I want to attribute this to chance but it seems strange that I'm the only one to die.

    We tried just roughly spreading out as people began to get anima font and I got killed. We tried setting up positions around the boss so that everyone was always spread and it didn't work. No matter what the anima fonts just destroy me in less than a second and a half.

    So my question is...what are we doing wrong? Can anyone guess? I've provided logs at the bottom of the post. If my description doesn't help, perhaps someone could give a description of how they set up raid positioning when the boss is activated.

    Thanks for your help!


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    I could be wrong, but from my memory, isn't anima font the ability that spew bolts all over the place and leaves red circles indicating where they are going to land? If this is the ability you are talking about, just look for the red circle animation and move out of it.

    I'll check back in later when I get back home.

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    To be honest, if you're dying to anima font every single try you are doing something very wrong, I'm not sure how hard they hit in normal but it's not that hard afaik? And you have plenty of reaction time mostly to just move out of the red circles.

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    Anima Font is 100% avoidable. Look for the red circles and don't stand in them.

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    I am mystified by your disc priest barely using atonement and using... binding heals? I don't think I used that spell this expansion yet.

    But like others are saying.. people are just standing still in the red circles instead of moving out of them all the time.. that is all. It also means you guys are stacked since this is aoe damage.
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    You have plenty of time to avoid Anima font, even a relatively casual guild should be able to kill the boss without anyone ever getting hit, or if they do, just once.

    Basically if you are not avoiding Anima font whilst boss has his jolt active, you are gonna die. No work around exists. Just move.

    We just have everyone stand wherever the hell they want, with 1 assigned person staying farthest out for Matter Swap target. Then everyone just moves personally from each anima font spray, no one gets hit, and if someone fails and gets clipped by one, being spread out means that only 1 person takes the damage.

    If you stack on this fight you wont kill it.
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