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    SW: D and VT Tooltip question

    Now today I upgraded my gear on my Shadowpriest and did a little testing. I wanted to see how fast my dot ticks. Nopw here is my problem question.

    When my LMG procs and I refresh both dots, the tick every 1.6X seconds, now when my LMG procs wears off they are back to 2.1X seconds per tick. Now I always thought Dots always remember haste/crit/mastery/SP only difference is with Leishen trinket. Now I only checked the Tooltip on the Dummy, and i was wondering is this just a tooltip error or normal. I tried it with Tukui and Elvui and without UI addons. And Im talking about the tooltip from the dot on the target not the spelltooltip.

    If you want I can add Screens later.

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    Tooltips aren't correct, logs are the only real way to tell.

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