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    How do you keep up with new game releases - large and small?


    I recently watched the 'Games you might not have tried' series on the Extra Credits show on Penny Arcade. There were quite a few awesome and fascinating games they showed, many of which I am now going to buy, but that I had never heard of beforehand.

    This is the thing: I love games, especially thoughtful, unique, or 'arty' games (no, that doesn't mean I dislike non arty games) and a huge number of these are small releases. What I'm wondering is, how do people keep up with these? Is there a website dedicated to collating all new and upcoming released, great and small? Are there other forums where players pounce on and discuss even tiny titles? How can I find a way to keep up with this? Upcoming released and new info on games are also something I often miss, and often the big websites are only focusing on the triple A titles.

    I have only just begun to realise that this is quite important to me, as many of the most primal and affecting gaming experiences I have ever had, had completely flown under the radar for me: I'd never heard of them, and only by chance, through seeing a discussion or hearing it referred to on one of the gaming shows I watch (Zero Punctuation, Jimquisition, Extra Credits), did I discover some of these.

    How do you guys do it? Is it even possible to keep up to date with upcoming and new releases, from the triple A game to the small 5 quid indie steam title? If so, I'd really appreciate you guys telling me how!
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    Find à gaming 'news' site. I use à Swedish one and find out about most games there.
    Also make sure you check all new humble bundles that gets released.
    Also Keep an eye out on kickstarters.
    Also if you played à good indie game. Remember name of developer company and Google them from time to time to see if Any new games are in motion.

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    I find following some developers on Twitter to be a good source, particularly if they produced quirky or unusual games themselves.

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    RSS feed with about over a dozen gaming websites on it that I skim through. Then a few other smaller sites that cover niche titles or specific area's (MMO's, shooters, indie games etc.)

    You're always going to miss something though, it's impossible to keep up with all the releases nowadays, especially with so many indie games coming out.

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    Steam. I usually check at least once a week.
    -Free to Play, Early Access, Top Sellers, Coming Soon, Demos, and Greenlight.

    Email Subscription.
    -If there's a company or game you're into, don't be afraid. I was always scared of spam, but it's not an issue.
    If you want some specifics; Alienware, MMO Champ, R2Games, GamersGate, Hi-Rez Studios, MMO Hunt, Perfect World Entertainment, Ubisoft, ect.
    Just because you don't specifically play a game, doesn't mean you shouldn't be subbed. I get beta invites by the mass all the time, along with early information about development and such.

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    Gaming news site and forums - very easy to follow. Also, all new releases tend to come up on you know where.

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    TB, a few RSS's and Steam.
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    Easy, go on Youtube, make an account and subscribe to channels like IGN, Machinima, Rooster Teeth, Gamespot, and Clevver Games. They constantly make videos on gaming news and updates and you'll see the new videos they upload on your Youtube homepage when you're signed in. That's how I get my video game news.
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    I usually check on YouTube or search up 'gaming news' on Google. Usually gives me a good idea what's to come
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    There is a website that I browse on a daily basis, and pretty much all sorts of gaming news from many sites gets posted there at some point or another. I also take a glance at what's new on Steam whenever I'm looking in the store for whatever reason.

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    Which website is that Wynnyelle?
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    I actually don't keep up that much. Only time I end up doing so is cause I'm looking for a new game. >.>
    JRPG obsession recently, sooooooooooooo yeah. >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yourcatdead View Post
    Between these forums, reddit, and Steam it's pretty easy to keep track of the big games.
    The denizens of this sub-forum are pretty savvy when it comes to what's coming out. Reddit and Twitter are very, very handy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yourcatdead View Post
    Between these forums, reddit, and Steam it's pretty easy to keep track of the big games.
    This is pretty much my own way of getting news as well. And I follow the cynical brit on YT because I like the guy, and I tend to agree with his judgement on things =P
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    I usually use These Forms and all of these Facebook pages usually show games in my News Feed.

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    Um, this forum. Though I rarely play any new games anymore, so my knowledge is probably really limited.

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