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    B2P>Sub>F2P. I could never get serious in a f2p game, but that does not mean there are not quality f2p games out there, Neverwinter is one of the best because it's all free with no premium accounts or bullshit. Rift and WoW are pretty decent sub-based games, and probably the only ones out now that I'd pay a sub for, and GW2 and TSW are doing great (recently only playing TSW now) for B2P games.

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    I prefer subscription and buy-to-play models. They usually have features that other free-to-play games don't, such as server transfer. Of course some free-to-play games don't need it if they are using a single server, like Star Trek Online. However Star Trek Online has an annoying thing where it flashes on the screen when someone gets a certain rare ship out of the lockboxes, there is no way to turn it off. It is used to try and get people to purchase Lockbox Keys from the Cash Shop.

    One big problem in the free-to-play world is that if you are on a server that is dieing, don't expect a server transfer or server merge. Very, very rarely they will do that, En Mass did do a merge for Tera. RaiderZ is a good example, out of the 4-5 servers only one is actually doing well. The rest are very barren, yet PWE has said there are no plans for server transfers or merges. One reason free-to-play games and game companies do this is to try and get people to start fresh on a server and spend money again on their character.

    I think free-to-play will be better later on, but they are not there yet. Buy-to-play and pay-to-play seem to be better at the moment, in my opinion.

    EDIT: There are some really great free-to-play games with decent quality, but sometimes it is not the games as to why people despise free-to-play. It is how the company treats the model, it can be a very good model but companies are greedy and know people will pay loads of money for power.
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