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    Throne of Thunder- 2 month review

    Hey forums,
    Now that we've had 8 weeks in the Throne of Thunder, lets tall about what's going on in there!
    Questions to copy paste:
    Best trash:
    Best boss:
    Best looking weapon:
    Where it ranks in your top wow raids:

    I'll start!!

    Best trash: I love the Iron Qon trash, we can pull both sides of Quilen and the numbers are so high.
    Best boss: Tie between Lei Shen and Ji-kun
    Best looking weapon: Uroe, the axe off Lei Shen, looks so awesome. And I love the sliding blades!
    Where it ranks in your top wow raids: probably third to ICC and Ulduar. What an epic raid.
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    Best trash: None really, all trash is pretty boring. If I had to pick any, maybe trash before Lei-Shen. Dark Animus trash is okay aswell I think. Trash before first 9 bosses is just horrible.
    Best boss: I would have to say Durumu or Tortos (ye 4 real I like it)
    Best looking weapon: Dunno
    Where it ranks in your top wow raids: Depends if you count tiers or raids. Regarding tiers, it probably ranks 5th or 6th to me, T8,9,10,11 for sure being better, T7 and T14 kinda draws equal with it.
    But talking about individual raids, it probably ends up around 7th.

    I like it being one large raid, havent had that since ICC, so that is nice. But the raid itself is not so great. Very bad atmosphere, lore is not so good and trash is horrible. Only the bosses weighing it up.
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    Now my experience outside of LFR is only up to Tortos at this moment, but judging by LFR

    Best trash: the gastropods before Ji-kun.. Giant fucking snails, no more needs to be said.
    Best boss: Lei shen or Primordius, i like the Lei shen fight as a whole and i find the mutation mechanic on primordius interesting.
    Best looking weapon: Bo-ris, Horror in the night.
    Ranking: Shares number one spot with Kara

    overall to me Throne of thunder is amazing!

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    Best trash: Everything on the path to Ji'Kun, it's great playing the "Try to get our rogue killed by the snail" game.
    Best boss: Probably Lei'Shen or Iron Qon
    Best looking weapon: Giorgio's Caduceus of Pure Moods. That staff looks awesome and little feathers drop from it!
    Where it ranks in your top wow raids: I'd say 3rd after ICC and Ulduar. Really enjoyed this one even though there's not options on a path to take.

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    Best trash: I like the Primordius dash up the steps
    Best boss: despite the problems we had with it, I'm going to say Megaera - I like the control that we have over the encounter, and that there are numerous potentially successful strategies and vigorous arguments over which is the best one
    Best looking weapon: What weapons? Weapons drop in this instance?
    Where it ranks in your top wow raids: Behind ICC, Ulduar and Kara. I might rank it higher if it wasn't so linear.

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    Best trash: where i turn my Ret into a ranged! 1 shot snails! nuff said!
    Best boss: lots to choose from, most are challenging for completely new and different reasons. I would say Durumu!
    Best looking weapon: All ugly as sin!
    Where it ranks in your top wow raids: Second after ICC, linear but complex and fun!

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    Best trash: JiKun trash is best (and worst), we try to make a game of it and get AFK ppl killed.
    Best boss: LeiShen was great when we did it first week, but it's so zzzz now (on normal). Assuming it will be great again on HC.
    Best looking weapon: Uroe (Lei Shen axe); reminds me a lot of old Dark Edge, with the movement part.
    Where it ranks in your top wow raids: Tied for 3rd after ICC and Ulduar, and tied with Naxx40. ICC fav still (because Arthas), and Ulduar was just great being so expansive, with so much variation on scenery, and the awesome feel of going down, down, down into madess. Thigns holding back this raid would be it's linearity (is that a word?). We're 9/13 now (stuck on Primordius....lolwut), so it's not as big of a deal, but I can see the increase in difficulty on some bosses being a turn-off for people progressing in earlier parts.
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    Best trash:the snails for sure
    Best boss:durumu for the challenge it gives, kinda reminds me of the safety dance in that it separates the people who pay attention to from the ones that just coast through encounters
    Best looking weapon:Wu-Lai bladed fan of the consorts, i play a windwalker monk and love fist weapons
    Where it ranks in your top wow raids: i would rank it 2nd behind ulduar

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    Best trash: The Dark Animus "mini-boss". We got it handed to us quite a few times before figuring that out.

    Best boss: Probably Lei Shen, although I've enjoyed the mechanics of many. Ji-Kun, Primo, Dark Animus, Iron Qon, Durumu, Meg. There are a lot of fun bosses in this raid.

    Best looking weapon: I haven't seen many outside of the ones for Rets. I do like the way the Council sword looks.

    Where it ranks in your top wow raids: Right up there with Ulduar and ICC, probably #1 for me.
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    Best trash: I like many of them. The bridge before Horridon. Megaera's room has an excellent ambience. The trash before Ji-Kun are very funny. Durumu's two first trash, the ones making mazes. Dark Animus trashs. Lei Shen trashs. Obviously, as they are trash, they quickly become boring and annoying, but I had great fun the first time I did them.

    Best boss: Many again. Durumu, Jin'rokh, Ji-Kun, Dark Animus, Primordius and Lei Shen (intermissions and P3 only though, and with Exorsus' tactic).

    Best looking weapon: Iron Qon's smitar, the 522 fist from Twins, Hand of the Dark Animus, and Uroe HC.

    Where it ranks in your top wow raids: They are all #1 since CoT3.

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    Best trash: I like how Megaera is set up, also like the twins' one.
    Best boss: Ji-Kun, that fight has almost everything.
    Best looking weapon: Really couldn't tell.
    Where it ranks: Would rank it tie in #1 with BT and ulduar

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    Best trash: The trash to Ji-Kun is pretty fun just because our priests try to Life Grip as many people as possible to the snail. But if you have people who stand in webs/yellow lights, it's a pain in the ass.

    Best boss: Durumu, Lei Shen.

    Best looking weapon: I don't even know, haven't really looked at the models of any of them.

    Where it ranks in your top wow raids: It's up there. I always loved Kara, so maybe it's right below that.

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    Best trash:
    I don't really have a preference. I do like the way how there is quite a bit of trash yet it doesn't respawn like in the past tiers.

    Best boss:
    I like Dark Animus and Durumu the Forgotten heroics a lot. Lei Shen heroic also grew on me. I was expecting more out of Ra-den, Iron Qon and the Twin Consorts. The last one probably ended up getting overnerfed.

    Best looking weapon:
    Nadagast's Exsanguinator

    Where it ranks in your top wow raids:
    It is in my top 5 tiers overall.

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    Best trash: Snails of Slow-Moving-Doom. LOL! just lol Best bit of the instance.
    Best boss: Jin'Rok, and Ji-kun. Because they're just about the only bosses which are properly tuned imho.
    Best looking weapon: All gear in current tier looks god-aweful. Transmog to TBC gear ftw.
    Where it ranks in your top wow raids: Pretty low, I'll put it at equal to Twilight Bastion and other cata raids. Troll dungeon = meh. Bosses = almost all overtuned. Architecture = dull. Simply not as good as BWL, Naxx, Kara, TK or BT. No-where near as good as ICC or Uld (best raids ever)

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    Best Trash: The Gastro Freaking Pods, so much fun with those Most of the trash there is pretty meh to be honest
    Best boss: Lei Shen - what an epic and badass fight. Besides, I guess Jin'Rokh, I love straightforward dpsing.
    Best looking weapon: Tia-Tia, the Scrying Star. Or Zerat.
    Ranks 3rd for me. Ulduar is the 1st one, and the second is Firelands - had the most fun with the guild there.

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    Trash: snails for sure. Who else but Blizz would make giant deadly snails? XD

    Boss: hard to say. I actually like almost all of them, but Lei Shen/Primordius/Tortos are up there.

    Weapon: I have 2: the 2H axe that Lei Shen drops. Lightning orb and rotating blades ftw! And the 'voice of the quilen' gun looks amaaaaazing. I get compliments on it all the time!

    Ranking: definitely a top 5 raid for me. Favorites are Kara, Black Temple, Ulduar, ICC and Throne. I also liked T11 a whole lot, but Throne is more memorable IMO than those raids! IMO Throne would have been a great 'end of expansion raid, at least if Lei Shen's defeat had more of a 'lore moment' anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lunasta View Post
    Best trash: Everything on the path to Ji'Kun, it's great playing the "Try to get our rogue killed by the snail" game.
    Best boss: Probably Lei'Shen or Iron Qon
    Best looking weapon: Giorgio's Caduceus of Pure Moods. That staff looks awesome and little feathers drop from it!
    Where it ranks in your top wow raids: I'd say 3rd after ICC and Ulduar. Really enjoyed this one even though there's not options on a path to take.
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    Trash: Definitely the gastropods

    Boss: I liked a lot of them because they were very well made from a design stand point. That being said, if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be Tortos because we get to kick turtles!

    Weapon: Ji-Kun Staff

    Ranking: I only started playing at the beginning of Wrath so I would rank it with Ulduar and ICC my only complaint is how linear this raid is which many people have already stated.

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    Trash: Dark Animus - love healing that. Especially when someone miss an interrupt.
    Boss: Lei Shen - That fight was awesome. Durumu is a close 2nd, but I don't really enjoy the colors they used.

    Weapon: the 2-handed caster mace. I love it
    Ranking: I didn't do ICC when it was current (had to take a break after lolcoliseum) and I didn't fully clear Ulduar when it was current so I guess this one is the best raid I've seen from Blizz.
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    Trash: Megaera's is cool just because the environment (I love caves) and the neat bells. The mobs themselves are not really interesting. Same with Horridon trash. Gastropods are always fun too.

    Boss: (10H perspective) So many good bosses this tier. Lei Shen is really good, as is Durumu. I think my favorite is Dark Animus though.

    Weapon: I guess Lei Shen's axe is pretty cool. The gun that shoots lightning is pretty sick too.

    Rank: Top 3. All of MoP is in my top 5 as far as tiers go though. Probably something like this: T15 = T8 > T5 > T14 > T10

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    Trash: Dark Animus trash. It obliterated us on our first attempt; we were not prepared.

    Boss: 10H Tortos 'cause I'm a Mistweaver.

    Weapon: Soulblade of the Breaking Storm

    Rank: 2 but it's close. I choose ICC over it because I was so emotionally invested in Arthas and the whole WC3 story, even though I hated a lot of the ICC fights.

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