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    Best trash: the ritualists before dark animus
    Best boss: lei shen obv
    Best looking weapon: uh forgot the name. The 2h shared drop sword. Clean and simple. I really like it.
    Raid rank: 3rd or 4th for me. Not counting vanilla raids, since I didn't raid back then.

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    Best trash: none, because I hate trash. Well, If I anyway have to choose, let it be the giant snails before Ji-Kun, that is the most awesome designed and the less boring and time-consuming ones.
    Best boss: Durumu, obviously.
    Best looking weapon: None, designs are bad overall. I kinda like the mace from Animus, though.
    Where it ranks in your top wow raids: Ulduar = Kara > ICC > ToT > T11 (excl. raid with Al'Akir, it was horrible) > Naxx > all others. While it is nice to have a single raid with lots of bosses inside, there are some flaws in design overall. For example:
    1) trash is horrible beyond limits, it is the greatest time sink ever made in wow raids;
    2) bosses are fine, but mechanics are too complicated (I hate Iron Qon passionately, especially that freaking undirect lines of fire/frost/lightning coming from spears), and 10/25 balance is also absent, because almost all bosses are add fights which are traditionally hard for 10m and easy peasy for 25;
    3) loot tables are just meh, holy palas and monks get their weapon from the very first boss, thus having a very high chance to have it TFed in a couple of weeks while we priests have our BiS in shared drops, which seem to just never drop, at least for us, or in last boss having to fight over dat mace with almost every hybrid caster in game. Also, again there are four freaking backs, while still only two offhand options sitting in the very end of raid. And what they've done with staves is beyond stupid, because having a 522 mh + 510 oh is better in terms of primary and secondary stats than having a 522 staff, which is ridiculous IMO.
    4) travelling to ToT is generally bad. Having to fly to Townlong, taking portal to island, having to run to entrance is plain time sink in all its sad glory. It takes almost 10 minutes to get there. Make it 5-6 times a week and voila, we've lost a hour of gameplay per week just for the sake of nothing. It wasn't ever so hard to make a portal to island sitting there in your capital in Vale, or, at least, to make a god damn portal from your base in IoT to the ToT entrance.
    Overall, raid is fine, and I'm enjoying it, but, really, I've enjoyed all raids, even the so-hated DS, lol.

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    Note: My experience is 11/12 Normal mode, with 1, random, end-of-the-night-no-prep Lei Shen attempt at the end of our raid last week. Lei Shen has been done on LFR and a video has been watched.

    Best trash: This one's going to not really line up with other people's, but on principle, I like the trash to Council. To me, trash, at least in the current aspect of the game, should partly be an internal guide to the upcoming boss, and partly guide the story. The Council's trash loosely shows the "Gara'jal will empower the boss" mechanics by buffing the trash, and it shows that we're going to face more of each kind of troll (Frost, Sand, Shadow, and Electric). The voice files nearing the boss itself, as Gara'jal oozes confidence and loyalty to the Thunder King makes me happy. I'll grant that the trash is a bit long, though.
    --Jin'rokh's trash is standard issue trash. Doesn't explain the boss, but fits fine. Horridon's trash is the ridiculous bridge. It's still good to navigate it, but the trash, again, doesnt help you do the boss at all. Trash to Tortos is alright, up there with Council. Megaera's trash is interesting. The caverns, the bells and stuff. Ji-Kun's trash is the most FUN, but I think it's overall a bit lame. Spiders, Flies, and Snails have nothing to do with Ji-Kun's encounter. Durumu's got well-inspired trash, again, on par with Council, but I prefer council's. Primo's trash is lame. Animus' trash is formulaic. Qon's trash is standard issue, Consorts are a bit easy, and Lei Shen's is standard issue.

    Best boss: Horridon. Perfectly designed "Waves" boss. Keep a standard element to all the phases (Dinomancers), a use for cleanses. Tanking mechanics may be a little simplistic, but the fight can be frantically fun.
    Jin'Rokh's a bit lame, but big numbers are fun. Council's good in that there are alternate methods to completing it (you COULD keep Sul alive, in theory.) Tortos is a little too add heavy. It'd be nice to have more time with all players on boss. Megaera's a close second. Well designed, multiple paths of success, lots of fun, and lots of variability with raid comps. Ji-Kun does the "subsection of the raid doing something" mechanic well, though staying on the platform is boring. Durumu's another VERY good fight. Punishing mechanics, interesting color beam phase. Fun. Primordius has interesting mechanics, too. Middle of the road fight. Animus is creative, certainly, but I think it falls short. Preference. Iron Qon is surprisingly punishing after the previous two bosses seem to trend easier. Well made fight, though. Consorts, again, well designed. Lei Shen looks fun.

    Best looking weapon: I don't usually look at models too much. Our rogue got some sort of spinny fist weapon that looked fun.

    Where it ranks in your top wow raids: 3rd, behind Ulduar and Kara. Not very far behind though.

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    Best Trash: Twin Consorts trash. Simple, fast, painless.
    Best Boss: Durumu or Tortos.
    Best Looking Weapon: Qon's Flaming Scimitar
    Where it ranks: 5th. Blackwing Lair > Black Temple > ICC > Naxxramas > ToT

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    trash: garys
    boss: leishen and primordious
    weapon: qon's flaming scimitar
    rank: pretty good. top 5. we struggled with some people leaving late last tier, so that tarnished it a bit

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    Stopped playing but here is my list

    Best Trash: Bruce the Snail loved that trash. Im a priest so the leap of faith in front of snail pw:s on my self to safety friendly fire killing my team mates yay (my raid team calls the snail bruce)

    Best Boss: God there is so many but a tosh up between Megaera, Ji-kun and Horridon. I was flying so it was funny as fuck.

    Best Weapon: Sadly my raid team is unlucky with weapons and the one i got was craååy looking.

    Ranked: Shared first place together with ICC
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    Durumu hc, such a fun boss! 2nd light spectrum when literally everything blows up at once ;3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaosjones View Post
    Stopped playing but here is my list

    Best Trash: Bruce the Snail loved that trash. Im a priest so the leap of faith in front of snail pw:s on my self to safety friendly fire killing my team mates yay (my raid team calls the snail bruce)
    We call him Gary [the snail] :|

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