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    H10m 2/13HM XFER to BleedingHallow NEED recruits

    Escaped From Arcatraz is on its way to Bleeding Hallow and we need some recruits.
    We are coming from Executus a once great server that has twindled to nothing and has nothing left for recruitment. As we have struggled to find replacements for people leaving for RL. We decided a server x-fer was our best option.


    Our Core group has been together for 5 years. We are persistant to keep the EFA name alive and we need some help!
    EFA is a very friendly inviting guild and We are not "hardcore" we play to progress at our pace and enjoy each others company. So Non-friendly people need not apply! We do however Need people that will play to thier best potential and understand that suggestions made for improvement come from the 3-4 players we have that know all the classes inside and out. We will not carry people just becuase we are nice if you cant pull your weight or you dont show improvement we will let you know.

    We are recruiting for
    Tues, Wed, Thurs 9:30 - 12:30 EST

    These are CORE spots

    1 Tank - non guardian
    1 Healer - non druid
    1 DPS - Need a Lock or a rogue.

    We don't like to raid with more then a 10 man "CORE"roster so you will not be sitting. We are friends and want to play as friends. If a fight is easier done with 4 locks we dont care we work with what we have. if you want to apply or are interested you will be expected to have near 100% attendance. We understand RL things happen and we work around it. We can re-schedule raid days or use other means to keep things going for the week.

    Casuals are also extremely welcomed to EFA we have a Casuals night with alt raids and old school raids for mounts and achievements. Our alt group is currently progressing on a 1 night optional raid day Sunday from 9:30-12:30. It usually consists of a few people that are always there then filled spots. So if you dont have time to raid but still love the game we have a night for you!

    If interested respond to this post or apply at


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    I rode into town on saturday 3 days later I left on saturday. How did I do it ?

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    I am interested in talking with you about joining your raids. resto/ele sham and a rogue that might do for you.

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    primal#1419 or dustya#1852 add us in game to talk pegno

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    I am interested here is my battle tag Bane#1323

    515 Warlock

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    Bleeding hollow watch out

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    Still looking forward to see more applications. Progression-wise you have to consider that we had one member change his work schedule so he couldn't raid anymore a little while ago which halted progression a while ago (low pop server with next to no replacements on means you're screwed most of the time to replace someone, or are stuck stalling gearing people up). Now 2 raiders left for RL reasons, one which was planned a long time ago (career) and we can't seem to be able to find solid replacements for them on our dwindling realm which is Executus.

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    still need a tank high prio

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    Tank and rogue/lock spot still open.

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