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    Are there PvE players that earn their money by playing wow?

    It's just something that's been on my mind. Everyone says PvP in wow is just a tiny part of it and arena was an accident that shouldn't exist, but there are quite some players that earn a lot of money solely through PvP. They stream, make videos, sell boosts, etc.

    I never followed the PvE scene, is the same true for raiders?

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    There are a bunch of PvE guilds, who have sponsors & who stream there raids and make money.
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    I seriously doubt anyone make a living out of PvE. They make a couple of bucks from sponsoring and such at the very best.
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    Yes but as a career you would be better off manufacturing training shoes in sweatshop.

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    Towelliee springs to mind, but he does more then just play PvE and even WoW.

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    There are very few if any players who make money JUST by playing WoW. Sponsorships generally mean players get free stuff like keyboards, monitors, mice, etc. If the player chooses to flip those on eBay, they get to keep that profit.

    Most players who monetize their gaming do so by streaming, maintaining websites, becoming online personalities, etc.

    The vast majority of "sponsored" players don't earn their living from playing the game and have another primary source of income.

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    There are, but I forsee them dying out soon if WoW continues to lose popularity.
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