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    So I got second alchemist..

    Hello everyone. ^^

    So I recently leveled up another alchemists. First one is transmutation master.
    Question - shortly - is which specialization should I pick? Second transmutation, flasks, or even pots?

    Other professions I have access to is BS on the same char, then engineering, tailoring, enchanting, JC, and scribe on other characters.

    I tend to be lazy on the AH side and buying off my flasks from the market (which is going crazy atm.. but how long will it last?) instead of asking a guildee to make them, so flaskmaster was original idea. But then again, proccing more living steels might be even better..

    Would it even be profitable to change my other alchemist, who's coupled with JC, to flask/pot and this one to transmutations? Reason being that JC can use Spirits of Harmony, while BS has little use for them apparently, outside of some weapons that will lose market value over time.

    Thank you on the goldmaking tips.

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    I have 15 alchemists, all transmute and I still have days that I don't have enough Living Steel. It's really up to you and your economy.

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