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    Archeology in MoP = unending grind ... ???


    I have started doing my archeology in MoP. I have now concentrated on the mantid ones thanks to the Mantid Artefact Sonic Locater. At the beginning all goes well, the x5 achievements come very quickly, some pristine's on the way as well. Now, where it gets very frustrating, and utterly boring, is the point where you have like 5/8 on 20+ collected including the pristine, and some other that you still need. At that point a random pick on which artefact you get next = a very upcoming boring grind. I have now artefacts that I have completed 25 times+ without having gotten it's pristine version.. I get endless popups of artefacts that I have 20+ collected plus the pristine one... all that while I still have others that have neither completed...

    Would it not be better that you implement a system that increases your chance on a pristine version every time you get nearer to the 20 completed artefacts?

    As you stated with the launch of this new MoP system was: "Archaeology in Mists of Pandaria just keeps on getting more and more changes to ensure it will be more engaging than in Cataclysm. Today we're previewing a new type of solve, Pristine Artifacts, as well as the four new rare solves. Mists archaeology also has some neat ways to ensure you won't be bored solving common artifacts twice!"

    Well sorry to say, but is completing an artefact 25 times+ less boring than completing it 2 times...? Didn't think so...

    I really love WoW, but to see that how further we progress, the more needless grinds are implemented in the game just to keep you busy.. sorry this just ain't fun anymore... And I've been playing for 4 years + now...

    So, please, make the professions more dynamic and less boring (don't even get me started on fishing... -.-)...

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    what other games are you still playing 4 years later?

    also, archeology was always meant to be a rng timesink. If you cant hack it dont it, like me!

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    Take a guess... no, NOT THERE! You and your dirty mind.
    I stopped playing for a few weeks after I got my Seeker of Knowledge title... I think my point here speaks for itself =P

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    if I recall correctly you archeologize faster in Mists because there are 6 Digs per Digsite now instead of 3 and there is stuff liek Lorewalker's map which lets you do archeology faster.

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    The problem is that they made archaeology a treasure hunt, but you run out of treasure before you're done.

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    The 6 spots and 5-9 fragments change was new for me, I was doing it back when it was 3 spots with 3-6 fragments. I played enough to max it out in Cata and I got the Sandstone drake recipe (also an alchie). It took me a long time to get that drake, but it was well worth the time sink and the challenge of doing it.

    I haven't played in ~8 months. I started up my 10-day MoP trial, so I'm able to explore and quest in MoP but I can't level past 85. I decided to do some archy up in Pandaria to get the rare polearm for my druid, which is a lvl 85-equippable i463 weapon. It took me less than 2 days to get it, as well as two other rare items. This is the first I've heard of the mantid archeology stuff, but it's good that they have that there because otherwise there is absolutely nothing to do with archeology once you've gotten those rare items. There would've been nothing like the Tol'Vir obtainable epics. I'm glad they added something worth working up towards, and even if it's on a long RNG, that's the way it goes. It took me months to get the sandstone drake, and when I finally got it, it was very rewarding.

    I guess it's just whether or not you have an interest in getting what you want.

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    Archaeology has always been a grind, a timesink.
    The only difference now is that the grind has been moved, not one appearing where it was not before.
    I still have 3 pre-MoP artifacts to complete, the dwarven caster staff and 2 from tol'vir.
    That is only on a single character without alchemy, so there would be a hell of a grind to get the sandstone drake crafting on another when I start it.

    The grind has now moved to grinds with a sense of progression.
    You would not know how close you were to getting a specific rare, be it 10 solves or 500 solves down the line you were in exactly the same place.
    Now you can have a number to your progress, a measure of it actually nearing completion.

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    It'd be nicer if there were more varied things to solve into.

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