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    My group is 3 healing this fight on normal and we're running into problems on the second last head. We pop hero, but there is just too much aoe damage going out. We've been doing the G,R,G,R etc. Our dps is dropping because they're always trying to help the healers. Is there a berserk timer on the fight? If not, would 4 healing help? We have tried throwing in blue heads, but everyone seems to prefer the other method.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgiras View Post
    I dont want to open a new topic about the same boss.
    So here are some of my questions.
    1. Blue beam is cast only at range/healers? i think i read this somewhere
    2. We re stragling with the GRGRGRGR tactic. I try to persuade the RL to kill a few blues. Im i wrong?
    We recently killed it, we didn't have that many wipes but we did try allot of different combinations.

    My take on blue is that it doesn't mater and only makes the fight harder and your shifting (and not reducing) the damage from Red/Green to blue . Even if you reduce the damage done by either red or green your still increasing the raid damage by taken because you took out a dps for a couple of seconds (4th breath on tank) or by reducing the healing available (and forcing the other healers to heal harder) because a healer has to start running.

    The key to this boss is cooldowns, make sure the correct cooldowns are used on every rampage with emphasis on the last 2 rampages. Your goal should be 100% health after rampage 5 and 6 while you still have some lingering effects left (think tranquillity dot).

    You also have to understand that rampages don't actually wipe raids, it's the damage you get after a rampage when your most likley low on HP that will kill players. If players end up with 50% health after a rampage then you will probably wipe but if the same group leave a rampage with 100% hp while still having some healing effects on them you will most likley kill the boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthias9742 View Post
    Hey all, our raid has been pounding their heads against this guy for 4 raid nights now and I am not sure what else I can do as RL to make the fight go smoother our comp is:
    DK tank
    Prot Pally
    Surv Hunter
    Disc Priest
    Feral Druid (Resto OS)
    WW monk
    UH DK
    Destro lock
    Ele Shaman (Resto OS)
    MW Monk

    I have tried several different combos for our raid (GR, BR, GBR, BRG) and have logs for the best attempts on each try


    any help would be appreciated, thanks.
    We always do BRGBRGB, what your raid seems to lack is awareness and dieing to non-rampage abilities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sTyLnK View Post
    G,R,G,R etc
    Skipping 1 color makes you take a lot more damage especially if you stacking up a tons of greens, is there a reason you are avoiding blue? People skip it in LFR because people have downs there and cant move out of blue puddles. Just do B/R/G/B/R/G and you will be fine... Green head is by far the worst one, alot of extra AOE damage, where is blue head just requires your raid to not stand in something that you can control the positioning off, otherwise adding no extra damage. If you have a lock put a portal from back of room towards front of room so... when ur healer has to run back cause of blue they can instantly portal back.

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    1. We use 3 healers

    2. GR GR BRG

    3. Set up a Rotation for heal cooldowns / dmg reductioins cooldown for the rampages

    4. Divide the raid in 3 groups to minimise movement away from the green AoE impact zones. 1 group is melee, 1 groupå at ranged in the middle (blue head) and 1 group that alternates from the left side of the middle group and the right side of the middle group depending on with head is up.

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    we use G R B R B G R. and three healers.
    we started using this because tank damage from green head was just too high when we never killed it (because it was attacking freakingly fast). we also tried to use the "avoid blue altogether" strat, but then again tank damage on the green tanks was just too spikey. only small hits, but when it did hit, it was kinda instagib.
    so we came up with killing green once at the start, which smoothes the damage a bit, and kill it again on 2nd last, so we have no green at the end. the aoe from green splash is kinda low. people learned how to walk with red and blue, so that's not a big deal.

    we use 1 raid CD at rampage 3, two at rampage 4, one + bloodlust at rampage 5 and everything which is left and rampage 6, including personal CDs.

    the only problem we sometimes have is the tank on red in last phase sometimes dies at around 20-10% of the last head, but that is basically the only problem we have, and this not even everytime.
    we set a raid mark about 25y from the heads. no one runs further away than this, and in the later phases people just clear the frost and the fire directly in front of the heads, so we have a small room to move in that phase. reason is, after rampage 5 and 6, dispels for the fire debuff have to come nearly instantly. there is simply no time to run more than 10-15y, otherwise you just die.

    but that is all coordination, calling dispels in vent and learning not to finish the cast, but to start running immediately.

    fight's pretty much a cakewalk.

    on a side note, this fight seems to be THE example for a fight where there isn't a set strategy. every raid has to work out what works best for them. Very happy to see this. I'd like to have more fights like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xebtria View Post
    on a side note, this fight seems to be THE example for a fight where there isn't a set strategy. every raid has to work out what works best for them. Very happy to see this. I'd like to have more fights like this.

    So so true. I love that aspect of this fight. My guild's only had a couple cracks at it, but we're already debating about strategy rather than trying to figure out who's not following the pre-ordained steps.

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    Don't touch blue head, pew pew.

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