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    Interest vs. Difficulty

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    Good thing its just a copy paste.

    Edit for TLR version: Quit whining its too easy and go do something useful. the other more than 99% of us like seeing content too. Deal with it.

    You guys who QQ that the game is too easy now and you want that feeling of actually accomplishing something because you want to go back to the days when only YOUR guild could kill any bosses evar because content was so hard....

    are just jealous that everyone gets candy now. less than 1% of players seeing content does not keep blizz as rich as less than 1% of players CHOOSING to not do content.

    I think its funny that you use % too. Even with ALL the QQ lost subs now, it still has EIGHT TIMES (or more) players than it did in vanilla. thats 8x the paycheck they had then. WoW didnt even hit ONE million players until after Burning Crusade was released. Also keep in mind that there was no PTR at this time.

    WoW does not need to be harder. Less people seeing content is NOT a solution to any problems ANYONE has with this game. There are multiple ways to see content. If you think its too easy dont do LFR. Go straight to heroic. As one long time QQer says "the content is there, go get it"

    There is a problem, however. People are bored. Not because the content is easy...but because the content is BORING. Fights do not have to be hard to be fun, they have to be FUN to be fun.

    I am still one of those people that think that BC was the best expansion ever... because EVERYTHING in it kept you interested. You wanted to see whats next. You wanted to turn the page, just like a good book. Lots of people read books intended for children because they are GOOD STORIES! Harry Potter is a good story, but an EASY PEASY read.

    and with BC being my favorite, I can still ENJOY other expansions. I loved going into Blackwing Descent. It was easy to do, easy to heal. But the fights were FUN. Maloriak had a CHARACTER and you interacted with it. Atramedes had feelings and goals and weaknesses and strengths that were INTERESTING.

    Even now with MoP, I am enjoying some of the concepts. The sha are an amazing idea. Overcoming conflicts within yourself... not only is it cultural, it has meaning and lessons that we should be teaching children who play...and many adults also!

    WoW does not need to be harder, it needs to be more INTERESTING. Get us excited about the game! A hard game that isnt captivating will lose more subscribers than ever.
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    I pretty much agree with this. Fights need more character, literally. All the best fights that I can remember are the ones where Blizz took the time to give the foe a little depth, a little background. They had dialogue I still remember, mechanics that weren't just "big explosion" but "big explosion that fits the style of this boss". The best bosses weren't just bosses, but characters! Fights don't necessarily need to be "harder" or even more complicated. They need to be engaging, in a multitude of ways.
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    This discussion doesn't really go anywhere. Just ends up with people arguing in circles because of differing opinions that won't change. Just saying...

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