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    Is getting full T3 off of the Black Market Auction House not realistic?

    I've been checking the Black Market Auction House on my realm for Bonescythe Armor because it's my favorite looking set of all time. After two months I've only seen a single piece (bracer / not really visible anyways). Is this just really bad luck on my part, or is completing the set via BMAH not realistic?

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    No It's realistic as you've just stated It's just really really bad luck on your part.

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    Bad luck on your part indeed, I've managed to get full T3 on my paladin in a couple of months (and winning a couple of biddingwars against sodding lvl 60 twinks...).

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    My hunter alt is only missing the pants and the bracers (I'm not gonna buy the bracers anyway)

    I got most pieces by the first 2 MoP patches, but the pants have eluded me to this day.

    so I'd say it's realistic, but don't expect to get everything bought on day one. it'll take a few months, maybe over an year. pray for the RNG gods and go for it
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    It's possible, because I know a dude in my guild did it. You just haven't had the best luck there.

    The BMAH is way over my head though. I don't understand how people can have millions or even 100k+ gold. The most I've ever had at once was maybe 15-20k. I have about 7k on my main right now. I've only even visited the place once, and that's because one of my guildies was trying to buy something there but was being camped by horde, so a bunch of us went out to help.

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    you wont get full t3 unless you go crossrealm, it could literally take you 3-4 months, not to mention if you get outbid/miss it/unlucky

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    I bought a full set of T3 off my realm's AH starting from scratch. It took me between 3 and 4 months to get it. It was the Cryptstalker set

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    I've been missing two pieces for the Plagueheart and Earthshatter sets for a very very long time...

    They should just have them a chest item like the transmog gear from the gold challenge mode reward and put it on the bmah starting at 50k or something.

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    its possible, one of our priests got her hands on all the pieces beside bracers, but who wants those for transmog anyway?

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