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    My post took like 15 minutes to get deleted, maybe the mods were on their break? lol

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    How come when I read these types of Threads I imagine GC driving Around in his 400,000$ car whilst yelling later beeeotch's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stonecloak View Post
    So blizzard is now informing these moderators to quickly get rid of any post related to this huge elephant in the room.
    You might want to put on your tinfoil hat.
    Ever thought about posting in on of the other threads about the same thing? Keeps it easier for everyone, you know. I know it might sound ridiculous to not make a new thread, but you'll get over it.

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    Honestly, this is not very constructive. It's mainly a "bash the Official WoW Forum Mods" thread, and no real discussion is taking place. I'm going to close it here.

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