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    Heroic Council and Twisted Fate

    I've been doing some attempts on heroic Council this week and have noticed during it that I have yet to be targeted by this ability. I'm not sure if this is just a fluke and I'm incredibly lucky in comparison to the other 3 ranged in my raid group.
    At this point I'm assuming this is a shadow only benefit, similar to that of Mistweaver monks on Tsulong regarding Nightmare. Wondering if anyone else has seen this same result, or has been targeted. I'm also curious if this applies to healing priests at all. (I've not had the opportunity to try it while healing).
    As of currently I've considered using this to my advantage in being able to better position myself to instantly root one of the adds, (likely would be the sole melee in our group targeted as the best focus for rooting). However I'm not 100% certain that this is how it works at this point.
    We've been going off the assumption it was the furthest melee and furthest range who are getting chosen for the ability, but the few runs we did with me being the furthest one out I was not chosen, which is what made me start looking at this a bit.

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    Im pretty sure that one add is just melee, and the other one is farthest? range

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    As far as i know, it is just simply a random ranged player regardless of who is closest/furthest away, (healers minus MW monks and casters + hunters) and a melee dps being targetet. I'm pretty sure we've had our SP getting targeted aswell. However, the root you suggested is an awesome thing to do, as the adds have no way of getting out of them since they don't break on damage

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    It is a melee dps, and the most distant range player from High priestess. We had our warlock set up a portal far out, and he would simply portal out to it when the timer for TF came up. Between that and roots/knockbacks was an easy mechanic for us.

    Tendrils are fantastic if your group is having trouble with these guys.

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    It targets the player farthest away - it has a max range though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whoranzone View Post
    It targets the player farthest away - it has a max range though.
    Any idea how far that is? A couple of our attempts I was between 35-40 yards (still able to attack the boss) and it was choosing our ele shaman over me, and he was only at about 20 yards out.

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    What we do is have everyone stack in melee except for one shadow priest who is about 30-35 yards out. When biting cold/quicksand are coming out we do a loose spread around the boss. Stacking in melee also helps with aoe healing.

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    It really shouldn't be more than max cast distance of 40 yards, we haven't really had it target people that are so much closer. Just spec void tendrils, it really helps on that fight. It is also very helpful on Lei Shen, so make sure to use it then as well! The only spec it does not target is tanks, I have seen it target everyone else, so just be ready!

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