Since the change of soul leech becoming an absorb shield, soul link has become a much more attractive talent for almost every fight in ToT other than lei shen (due to soaking mechanic).

Here's why:

For Destro PVE, Combine talents: Soul leech, Soul Link, Grimsup:Voidlord with both of its taunt abilities turned off. Means you're working with/sharing a double absorb shield, an auto casted shadow shield (60% damage reduction every 10 seconds, lasts for 30), and shadow bulwark off the GCD. Voidlord benefits from haste so you shouldn't be losing much dps/if any compared to other pet choices. With suffering turned off, the pet can now spend its energy on shadow shield (which not only reduces damage but also reflects it). *This is a soloing strategy that I slightly modified for use in PVE/raiding. It makes surviving fights like Megaera a joke for locks.

I don't usually die, but when I do........ it's because soul link wasn't activated.

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