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    Most efficeint way to aquire Lesser Charms?

    What is the most efficient way to get lesser charms?

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    pet battles is pretty fast

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    Older dailies that are easier and less annoying (Lotus, Klaxxi) > Pet Battles > Isle of thunder dailies
    ... My personal opinion and how I go about it - Wish the stupid charms were accountwide... I have like 1500 on one char.

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    But cant there be a nice amount of Charms inside the Isle of Thunder Final Bag?

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    Not that Im aware of.
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    Spending one hour doing Golden Lotus, Klaxxi and some Shado Pan.
    Or you could get the charms while working towards some pet battle champion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fears View Post
    Older dailies that are easier and less annoying (Lotus, Klaxxi) > Pet Battles > Isle of thunder dailies
    I agree. Don't forget that with 5.3 every lvl 90+ mob has a chance to drop a lesser charms, and every rare drops them. So perhaps with 5.3 AoEing packs of mobs might be the best way (btw, are they lootable by everyone in a party?)

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    I do the IoT "PvP" dailies in about 10 minutes for ~20 charms a day.
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    Golden Lotus dailies are stupid fast for me on my server. Takes two days or so worth of dailies, and the full offering of dailies takes maaaybe 20 minutes for me. Now that the Mogu Runes are 50 charms instead of 90, I have started getting them on a couple alts for the first time.

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    Golden Lotus dailies are faster than pet battles for me. It takes me around 30 minutes to do the entire daily chain. If it's the survival arena one I just stop there because it's not worth the extra effort.

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    definatley last tiers dailies, with the gear we are at now with ToT gear, you knock them out so fast.

    If you do the first hub, (5 quests) only, each day, takes 4minutes, you get 10 for that. thats 70 per week, then just knock out a few more on one day. boom theres your 90.
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    Maximum you need now is 50 per week. But yeh, there's currently 2 good sources - dailys and pet battles. Both give coins pretty fast, dailies are faster but not by much. If you just do golden lotus -> klaxi -> shadow pan that'll get you to the cap insanely fast with ToT gear.

    ToT dailies arent as fast as you'd think as you cant use flying mounts, and the mobs have more health. You can't cap in 1 day off them either. I can see shadowpan=>ToT dailies=> a few pet battles being a fast way to do it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swampfox2223 View Post
    pet battles is pretty fast

    2-5 lesser charms, every 5-10 fights are not fast....
    I haven't even gotten 20 LC in the last week.. Luckily, I don't battle for LC (just see them as a bonus), because I have 1500+ from dailes...
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    isle of thunder > get a key > scenario > 20x erry week, done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post

    2-5 charms, every 5-10 fights are not fast....
    I have gotten up to 6 charms on a fight, at i get charms at least every 3 to 4 fights. Never been longer then that without getting charms.

    Also, if you build your team to properly rofflestomp the correct stuff, you can burn through pet battles REALLY fast.

    For example, find a group of the Lizards / Mice / Rabbits in Kun-Lai that have like 3 or 4 pets rolling as a set, and fight them. Usually always Beast / Critter, and by time you stomp your way through 3 of them, they have started respawning already, meaning you can chew up 8 or 9 pet battles in a row without ever having to move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saidolol View Post
    isle of thunder > get a key > scenario > 20x erry week, done.
    LESSER charms. Not ELDER Charms

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    I'd recommend just blasting through the old set of dailies, pet battles are a nice distraction but the rate you get them is just awful comparatively to a couple hours every few weeks on each char

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    I find that GL -> Klaxxi -> Halfhill (assuming you're exalted with each and can do the maximum dailies they allow) will get me 50 lesser charms. Shado-Pan isn't as good, even at exalted Klaxxi offer more, and of course the older ones usually have a bit less people to compete with for objectives. I believe you can sub in Thunder Isle dailies over GL as they both give about 28 charms (or even do it with GL and then a couple of simple Halfhill ones), but like others mentioned, Thunder Isle ones are a bit slower; they take longer since you can't fly, mobs don't die as fast, etc. But Thunder Isle will also give you rep with Wrathion from killing the mobs, so assuming you're still on the path to hitting exalted with him, not a bad idea to sub in some of those on occasion. Either that or you'll find yourself mass grinding mobs later on for the rep anyways.

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    golden lotus are by far the quickest.
    30 minutes or so a day, for 2 days & you'll have enough charms for 3 mogu's.
    tbh, that's about as many dailies i can do a week nowadays. bored shitless of doing them now.

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    I got a whole bunch of them from doing dailies. Not sure what to do with them honestly. I don't raid that often to get to use them.

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    Pet battles certainly are fast, I got my 50 charms for this week in around 45 mins of doing pet battles that I was going to do anyway.

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