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    In 5.3 killing Rares , Yeaaaah. Thats gonna be pretty fun. hopeing each rare gives like 5 atleast. Not to mention the mobs in Battlefield Barrens willl drop them too. In 5.3 i'd bet no one will actually do dailies because it will probably be effectively be the slowest gain.

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    Agree with pvp dailies a lot of quests in a tiny area + you get the arcane trove at the end.

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    Pet battles, as I don't have a dps offspec for my healer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butler Log View Post
    I do the IoT "PvP" dailies in about 10 minutes for ~20 charms a day.
    This. Unless you are on a pvp-active realm, I think this is the fastest, especially if you are exalted (buff) and while you can still mount with manganite (bug).

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