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    how to backup addons

    So I love the addon 'trade skill master' as I usually have a good few 1000 auctions running at all times. I fully know how to set up groups for posting, the mailer function and the other uses. But what pisses me off, is usually a week after I spend a good hour setting up the groups and options, without fail, all the groups disapear and it gets set back to 'factory defaults' with nothing in it. I was wondering if anyone here may know what might be causing this issue, sometimes happens when i update other addons. I'v tried backing up my wtf and interface folders, then restored them when it happens but that didn't do anything. Any help is very much appreciated.

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    copy your addons folder AND WTF folder sinds that one holds the config etc some addons write in Cache to
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    Make a copy of the \Interface\Addons\ folder and WTF folder to your desktop or somewhere else.

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