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    bad day? Think you need to step back a little :\ Almost responded on the rampage against 'fat fucks of gf's' but never got round to finishing the post. Do what you do best, helpful useful cheerful posts. No need to stoop to this shit. Chill, life's good

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    The fight requires more DPS on the right targets, namely Wastewalkers, Venom Priests, Frozen Warlords and Beast Shaman. Your ranged are very low on these most important targets. When any of these are up, they need to be zerged down asap. With beast shamans, your DPS need to only kill 1 war bear until the shaman on it is dead. Do not kill a second one until the first shaman is dead. Having two of those up is very difficult to handle. DPSing these adds (really only 1 type per gate) is crucial to doing the fight.

    I see some double swipe issues. My guess is you've had some terrible charges. When somebody gets targeted for charge, they need to immediately run toward him (toward his head worked for us) so that he doesn't really move at all.

    There are some poison issues, too. They should all be interrupted, so get some assignments up before the fight and have people on them interrupting those poison volleys.

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