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    Lightbulb I think greg street works to much

    Solution! Me as the new nerfbat king!

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    Wait... What are you getting at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingpinwlock View Post
    Wait... What are you getting at?
    Buffing locks and nerfing mages

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    I think Ghostcrawler does a fantastic job for what he walked into. The fail that was cataclysm really should have lost nearly as many subs as it did. I think after the Lich King died, there wasnt anything they could do to hold subs anymore. Ghostcrawler for president.

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    greg is good, i like him

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    I think he is a man who could forge the perfect round-crafted thing. His problem is the ppl somehow tend to like the much rawer version more and he doesn't consider how much that should impact his work.

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    He might be good, but not as good or charismatic as Naoki Yoshida

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    Please don't create pointless threads

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