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    I haven't liked unholy since ICC. Really the only times I went with UH over Frost was because unholy has always been the go to spec for the best dps at the end of the expansion. ICC everyone took unholy because of shadowmourne and shadowsedge, at the end of cata 2H frost was garbage and everyone wanted gurth. Now its the same thing with MoP, everyone going unholy cause of festurblight.

    Personally I think I'm just going to play what I like this time around which happens to be 2H frost. I truly hope they turn unholy into a caster spec because I'm tired of unholy the way it is.

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    I have never cared that much for unholy, really. I don't like the gargoyle, and don't care much for the perma-ghoul or stronger diseases. I <3 Howling blast
    But I do want UH to show the same numbers ofc. Diversity is important.
    Mother pus bucket!

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    Start of wrath was the sweet spot, granted we were overpowered, but all three specs were fun. Since then, we've lost blood as a DPS spec, frost's rotation has become VERY simple (more than it was when we actually needed to use icy touch and heart strike), and unholy relies heavily on pets. Unholy is seeing a lot more love since the patch, but imo we need more variety like we used to have. Letting unholy have a more bursty perhaps petless option and adding some spice to frost's rotation would be a welcome change. Until then, I feel like the DK population is going to remain mostly frost with some dedicated UH.

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    I've never cared much for unholy, and tbh it is because of a permanent pet micromanagement. You can say how little you have to do, just macro this, and let him go wild, but that doesn't fly with me. I played a hunter when playing a hunter meant knowing how to control your pet, otherwise it was dead and you had an 8? second downtime in dps to rez him. So "macro it" and forget it is not an option, and playing a pet class all those years burnt me out.

    On the flip side, I fell in love with DW Frost, not because of big numbers, and "easier" play style, but because it has always felt like the perfect combination of the attack abilities of a rogue(don't like playing the combo point game), mixed with the badassness(visual) of a warrior(screw the red bar), and the bag of tricks of a paladin(love my ret, but tired of getting kicked in the teeth on meters). I'm currently 2H frost now, just to see how it feels, but if some weapons drop I'll be back to my old bag of fun.

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    Some players don't like worrying about a pet. /shrug

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