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    Blizzard apps on Kindle Fire.. How To

    Want Blizzard Mobile Armory and Authenticator on your kindle fire?
    Google play only supports Nook, not kindles, due to a business deal.
    No need to crack your kindle fire and void it's warranty.
    Well I copied this guide from the blizzard forums and tried it and it worked 100% for me , so i thought I'd post it here in
    in case the Blues have issue with it and remove the original post.
    from the blizzard forums..
    "How to get the Mobile Armory and Authenticator on Kindle Fire.

    1:go to the amazon apps store and get the free app called "es file explorer"
    found here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008K6HN8I/
    2:install the app

    3:go here and download the file from this link to your computer.
    This is the aptoid store app. It allows downloads from many app sites

    4: using a usb cable and the kindles download utility copy this file to your kindle's main directory. when it is done copying disconnect
    the kindle from usb.

    5: open the "es file explorer" app. Once in the app click on the Aptoide.apk file and pick install.

    6: when it finishes installing pick open.

    7: in the aptoide store search for World of Warcraft Armory or blizzard mobile authenticator.

    8: once you have found them, click on them to download, and when they finish they will ask if you want to install. Pick yes..

    9: Viola.. you now have your working blizzard apps on your kindle fire..

    10: remember you still need a wifi connection active to use them.

    I assume no liability for use of this guide and make no guarantees, but all sources are 100% legit app stores and not private sites. It worked for me that's all i can say. "
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