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    I laughed quite a bit at their unique way of approaching youtube how-to's. RIP Fatboss.

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    Well shit.

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    Too bad they are throwing in the towel.
    Still countless guide videos and written guides, but their approach to the boss fights will be missed.

    Instead of sounding like they read a list of abilites from a checklist (like many guides do), they made it fun to watch while watching.

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    More people in the EU unsubbing? Did they just think the game got stale and was not fun anymore? I would really like to know why the dropped off the sub cliff as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    More people in the EU unsubbing? Did they just think the game got stale and was not fun anymore? I would really like to know why the dropped off the sub cliff as well.
    From what i got out of the Fatboss weekly, they are not unsubbing WoW.
    They are just not raiding as "hardcore" as they did back in Cata, and dont really see anyway to grow when doing guides.

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    Ah, atleast they seem to be doing some streaming and such still. And more content.

    Still gonna miss the guides. RIP

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    Hopefully they find non wow stuff fun & can make some more entertaining things than just guides.

    looking forward to it
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    Best World of Warcraft Guides I've ever seen. Really easy to understand, very simple but filled with enough detail so you're aware of what you need to do, without being overwhelmed.

    Shame. I had hoped these guys would go on for many more years.

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    never used their guides anyway, there are much better guides than loss to the community.

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    Meh... their guides have falling off a lot lately. Only explaining boss abilities really and not giving and real strategy on how to kill the boss. They've become funny videos that just explained the dungeon journal a little better.

    If you want some good videos with detailed explanation, at least for heroic content, check out puremagz. Been loving their heroic guides this tier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deja Thoris View Post
    So wrong.

    I guess some people like the reasons for wipes to be unknown. It adds a bit of mystery to raids.
    I'm guessing you've never taken a good look at what raiders actually need to pay attention to in a boss fight to succeed, then? Or alternatively, you're just the typical MMO-Champion smartass, who may have killed Lei-Shen last reset, 2 months into the tier. I do actually have experience as not just a raider, but a raid leader, over years of time. Including clearing this tier in 500~ ilvl gear (I know, I'm super pro).

    Let's take an example from this tier. Jin'rokh, normal. What do DPS need to know? (You'll find tank and healing roles can be cooked down to equally succinct lists)

    1) If you get targeted by a lightning ball, run to the edge of the room.
    2) Don't stand where the tank will land after being thrown.
    3) Stand in the pool after the tank has landed.
    4) Move out of the pool once lightning storm is incoming.

    Fatboss' guide to Jin'rokh normal is 5:32. Try pronouncing what I wrote above. If it takes you more than 20 seconds, you have a speech impediment of some kind. You could, of course, delude yourself into thinking that because you spent 10x the necessary time you'll be able to pull of some crazy stunt, but the reality is, you won't. Maybe you will after 5 tries, or 10. But you would have been able to at that point whether you watched a 30 second video or a 10 minute one. Watching long videos is a useless requirement that guilds which aren't pro but want to be make you do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blood fox View Post
    they should, every good raider should know mechanics of the boss fight even if they are not dealing with them. If any of my raiders says they don't know what an ability does I will kick them int he genitals so hard their grand children will be sterile.
    Congratulations, you are both a delusional and bad raid/guild leader.

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    Being someone that has taken advantage of the guides for years now, I will definatly miss their help in downing new content, but I'm actually quite exited in what they will be releasing from now on!

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    didn't know if i should bump this or make a new thread

    they are back, idk if only for normals or also heroics

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