View Poll Results: Would you welcome a 40 or 20 person raid group?

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  • Yes, I'd love to go back to huge raids

    54 26.87%
  • No, I like the current sizes

    100 49.75%
  • I would like even smaller raid sizes

    38 18.91%
  • I don't raid and have no interest in changes

    9 4.48%
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    If anything I'd take away 25m and make it 20m.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RecklessMil View Post
    No, there simply is no going back to 40. It's fun to have them sort of brought back for world bosses in MoP, but that's enough of that.

    If raiding had to be re-done, I'd rather have them change into a single raid size, that being 15-man.
    This is basically inevitable. There will eventually be one raid size. Too many resources to develop different raid sizes for bosses, art, code, ect... Having one raid size means more content faster.

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