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    Stuck Over Hit Cap


    I recently acquired some new gear and went to do my reforges as always. It was after doing this that I realised I was 8.43% hit capped, and I cant lose any more hit from what I can see?

    Im not the best with reforges but I dont see any way in order to lose the hit without changing gear and at the moment these pieces are the only ones I have available to me. Does anyone have any idea how I can sort this out?

    My armory-http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/chamber-of-aspects/Eremor/simple

    Oh, I also Have heroic Fang Kung from Will of the emp I can use for a weapon (its also 2/2 upgraded). But I feel switching out weapons wouldnt have all that much of a benefit tbh.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    Nope. Cursed to be over hit cap for all of eternity.
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    Gem pure red in your cloak, and 2x pure reds in your legs.

    You lose 160crit for 40 agi (the hit is useless anyway), and you gain 20 agi in cloak too

    With just those changes you'll be 3 rating under hit cap and that's fine imo
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    Thanks Dela It worked out.

    Cheers for the help


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    I'm playing with 8.17hit and 7.99exp (ilvl 523). I even changed my chest gem from agi/hit to agi/stamina. Nothing else i can do atm...

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    Join the club mate! Hit in this tier is so very common on gear. When you start ending up with more hit than you can reforge away, replace all your agi+hit gems with pure agi unless the socket bonus will give you more than 80 agility. If you get more agi from the socket bonus by having a purple gem but the hit will bring you way over cap, you might as well socket stamina like Naggash above me.

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