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    Quote Originally Posted by Satanous View Post
    Of course Blizzard doesn't care, they can use these numbers to look like people are staying with the game.
    I actually do think they care. Now more than ever. Blizzard does not react quickly though.
    A few months ago, these paladin botters were in Halls of Lightning, (and Hunters were in shattered halls). I was constantly reporting 49 people in both halls of lightning and shattered halls for weeks. After awhile I rarely saw paladins in HoL or Hunters in SH. Now i'm seeing paladins in BOT (this was a popular botting place before if i remember correctly). So now I am going to spam Blizzard with pictures of people botting Botanica. Eventually they will probably get it sorted out.

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    Someone care to explain this to me? I don't get why bots would be running something that is rationally normal for non-botters to do.
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    I noticed this early 2011 and it is still going strong today. Nothing will be done and you just have to ignore/live with it, if you want to keep your sanity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auxis View Post
    Someone care to explain this to me? I don't get why bots would be running something that is rationally normal for non-botters to do.
    The proffit is not in the dungeon but in the numbers, firstly they use accounts that were never merged into and got SOR to get a lvl 80 char this means it's easy to just run botanica, let's say the get 100gold / run / bot, having 10 bots means 1000 gold /run and they use lots of bots

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    20 palas on Shattered Hand EU
    ...those inside any way, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimord View Post
    More importantly, are those Botanica runs worth it if you're not botting? (vendoring stuff and all that)

    EDIT: Now that I think of it, being a Paladin might make me suspicious to go there.. :d
    Definitely! Botanica has been infested by bots since it was easily soloable by bots (around wotlk). I soloed there even at level 70 and it was indeed a good farming spot, for non-bots too past level 80. On average a run makes 500 gold if you don't count super rare items that sell for thousands. You can make 5 runs in a hour, so that equals 60k gold in 24 hours if they have the bot running non-stop, and assuming every run gives drops worth 500 gold. Not sure if a 80 bot pally can clear it 5 times though.

    Have 40 accounts botting there and you're making millions per day. Though bots make quite a bit less as they just sell the loot and don't use professions like tailoring or enchanting.

    It's a shame though that since the nerf you get 5x less less gold from drops when soloing an instance So it's not that great anymore.

    Shattered halls and Halls of Lightning are also popular botting instances. Used to camp easy honor outside those spots and I was soon knee-deep in bot skeletons
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    Happening right now, I plan to take a character to TK to farm Ashes. I had to vendor some stuff, and I see a bunch of paladins at Kerpow Blastwrench, emptying their bags continuously. Watching them go from Bot. to the vendor is hilarious. It's like a busy day on the highway in California.
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