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    Hello guys. I bet this answer has already been answered but I'd appreciate your help.

    I've started playing again two days ago and I am about to hit 90 o my druid. I really don't have a clue on what to do next. I've googled etc but still I'm lost since to be honest I don't even know if we are on the 5.2 patch or 5.3:P

    I don't care much about reputation grinding nor acquiring rare pets/mount etc, i just want to get into the proper ilvl for raiding since I used to be in a top end raiding guild and basically the only thing i enjoy is raiding and casual pvping.

    I would appreciate some information on what to do next since although i googled a lot, the information I was able to get is rather generic.

    (if you can offer me some assistance please don't use shortcuts, I'm still in the process of learning all the locations etc:P)

    Thanks a lot

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    Once you hit 90, finish off the quests in Townlong Steppes and the Dread Wastes to get the gear needed to queue for heroics, as well as hitting up Galleon, Sha of Anger and Nalak, then queue for heroics until you get to 460. Once you get that, you can queue for LFR of Mogushan Vaults, aka MSV, then do that until you get to 470, and can queue for Heart of Fear, and then Terrace of Endless Spring, until you get to 480, and are able to queue for the ToT LFRs. It would probably be a good idea to do the dailies on the Isle of Thunder, as they will get you Eldar Charms of Good Fortune which you can use to get extra rolls in the 5.0 bosses.
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    Thanks a lot man.

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    Hi Pank,

    Urufu has covered it pretty well. You might find the information at the link useful too. It's Blizzard's official blog post about getting caught up to 5.3 which is the next patch.

    You can also take a few minutes and scan through the front page here to catch up on news and such. It's generally pretty informative.
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    You'd better choose a mage not a druid. you know?

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    Really helpful comment. Keep it up

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    Urufu pretty much nailed it if your only there for raiding, the only thing I'd change though, you'll finish townlongs main quest line easy which will automatically take you to Dread waste, just go there straight away, don't go quest hunting and don't return,

    Generally if you've done the majority of 89-90 in dread waste, and not leveld only by instances, you should be heroic ilvl ready as soon as you hit 90, my last 4 chars were

    So you shouldn't need to do to much in dread wastes at 90

    Dont worry about dailies for gear

    Do heroics, get to 460 ilvl, (Cant remember if ilvl upgrade is back yet or not)

    Won't take to long as your a druid, theres a lot more loot options and since you don't need to equip it for the ilvl boost (thats if no one else needs it as their ms ofc)

    once you hit 460 straight into LFR the first two wings are pretty quick and easy, and you should defo get atleast one item with the new drops rates / chances

    once youve done the two wings, head on over to Kun Lai, que for random dungeons while waiting for Sha to spawn,

    Once youve killed him for the week and done the first two wings, just grind dungeons and upgrade (if poss)

    Second week you should hit 470, start the next 3 LFRS, shouldn't take you more than 2 weeks to hit 476,

    476 the new lfr is open and your up to current content LFR Wise, spend a few weeks grinding, should get you up to date with your guild to jump in as a reserve for normal raiding, until you get some pug groups / crafted gear

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    What I did to quickly get into LFR was buy the blue quality crafted pvp gear - and also, even though I don't like pvp much, grinded honor for a day or two to buy all of the 476 honor epic pieces i could to get into LFR. That's about all I got for you - it worked pretty fast for me, in a week I didn't have any pvp gear on anymore.

    Oh hell, and kill oony or sha once - which ever one gives you the nice epic pve boots. Actually just kill all 4 world bosses - since groups are huge and they take anyone... and it's a good shot at pve 476+ gears.

    I guess you could do heroics.. but then you are playing against rng as well - where as grinding the honor is fast and no rng, you just get points and buy the next best upgrade for you.
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    Kill and loot Sha of Anger for a quest item ASAP, it rewards epic boots (loot the actual corpse!).
    Everything else's been covered very well- PvP gear is pretty decent for PvE now (better than it used to be), so pick up some of the blue PvP pieces off the AH if you have the spare cash and need the ilvl boost. They usually run for a few hundred g.

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    if you have the gold mate, 476ilvl hands & chest are pretty cheap nowadays & if you have a bit more, then 496ilvl hands & chest are also available to buy from the AH. you can also buy 450 ilvl rings & trinkets pretty cheaply from the AH too. run a few scenarios, they can drop 463 & 450 gear which would also be of help.
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