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    Playing catchup on the Wrathion questline :(

    Having finally gotten the required sigils, and the quest item from ToES, I continued the Wrathion quest. He sent me off to kill a bunch of alliance until I was exalted with him, but I'd already gotten to that state via other dailies including IoT prior to this stage of the quest..... So the turn in was immediate.

    However, now I have to collect 6000 valor, and the counter is starts at 0. Just wondering why 1 requirement is counted since it was attained before reaching this stage of the quest, but not the other (since I've certainly attained 6k valor in this expansion)

    I'm not adverse to grinds much, but I must admit I did sort of twitch at this (especially since there's no real other reason for me to continue focusing much on valor until the next patch hits). And seeing what else is in store as far as this quest chain, I'm .... way waaay behind, will have to run ToT a ton more even though I have no real reason to go back aside from secrets of the empire (which I haven't seen a single one of yet), etc.

    Meh. I guess the point of this exercise was to have started it in a timely fashion, and don't leave the game for any length of time
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    You'll be happy to know then that on the next patch you'll only need 3k valor to complete that quest, down from 6k. If you're lucky 5.4 will arrive by the time you get 3 or 4k.

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    At least you just started your 6000 requirement, and the patch may very well drop in 3-4 weeks (which would change the requirement to 3000 VPs, applied retroactively). I am reaching my 6000 VPs next week.

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    Thanks, I didn't realize that was being changed!
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    Yeah, Blizzard probably didn't consider how the Wrathion quest would work later in the expansion very much. They're allowing Sigils of both types to drop in all three 5.0 raids next patch too, but it would be nice if they'd buff the drop rate at the same time.

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    I heard that they are going to buff the droprates. I dunno by how much, I read it a week ago so my memory on it isn't fantastic, but I could have sworn that they're going to buff up the droprate also.

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    Normally I wouldn't argue the fact that Blizzard didn't think it through but the Enchant, Gems, Sockets etc are Legendary. I think it was meant to make the completion of the questline more of a Feat of Strength than a required upgrade.

    I admit it does kill the alt making mindset. "I can't level this guy because the Valor I spend on him could be going to the legendary." Goes through my mind a lot.

    Honestly the ONLY thing that would make this whole legendary crap quest worth while is if we got some graphically active Transmoggable Armor that Glows,Breaths Fire/Splashes Brew/etc like the Challenge Mode armor does. I'm not holding my breath for that epic idea though.

    Seriously I don't know why Blizzard hasn't made more of those.

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