Hi so I recently picked up UVLS from lfr (one Gale's Stream!) and I haven't gotten time to play around with it yet. I just wanted to ask a few question as I dont have time before next weeks raids to simcraft my character.

So my current trinkets Cha-ye's and Breath of the Hydra both 522. Currently Twin top has cha-ye's ranked above lfr uvls but that lists assume 25% haste when I'm currently sitting at close to 35% raid buffed.

Also, I don't know if twin's sim includes the interaction between uvls and our two piece (I have 4 piece as well).

So given these circumstances (35% haste, 24% crit, 4piece, LMG), do you think lfr uvls will be better than normal cha-ye's? Deep down I feel normal Cha-ye's will be better but with how much dyre has been pumping this trinket up, I'm sad to have it sit in my bags while i fight our lock for the normal version.