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    I'll be surprised if its' announced at Blizzcon at all. Blizz has never announced a new game at Blizzcon. Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 were totally separate announcements. Only WoW expansions were ever announced at Blizzcon.

    ...unless of course they have switched ideas and DO now wish to expose this more towards the WoW-fans for hopes of converting them over - but even I doubt this would be true at this point.

    But my theory still stands... if the subs aren't meeting their targets, they're going to start hyping/revealing Titan soon. The idea is to get Titan fully up and running and, most importantly, DEPENDABLY PROFITABLE for a forseeable long-term basis before WoW subscription loss income starts cutting into Blizz's other projects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterpd85 View Post

    It will be a new expansion, with even more heirlooms and lvl cap to 100 (omfg when will it end?!)
    I just don't see how this is possible with the resources they've supposedly put into Titan and the things I've heard. It's going to be a new game.

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    BLIZZCON 2013 - Titan Teaser, details on expansions for all other major franchises (SC2, D3, WoW). There will be other small Titan teasers at the event but nothing major. They don't want to show any game-play until they have a solid date for beta. (source)
    Of course it's just a rumour, but it's certainly plausible.

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    The people has spoken: 77% yes. I'd like to see it at blizzcon too. Please be something good.

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    WoW is not dying, but it's old, i think it will survive for maybe 3 more expansions, but no more than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thirtyrock View Post
    I just don't see how this is possible with the resources they've supposedly put into Titan and the things I've heard. It's going to be a new game.
    They mean "it" as in "the Blizzcon announcement" not as in Titan.
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    Would love to see it in Blizzcon. However, even WoW is popular, it will die at some point. My guess is that it won't last for next decade.
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