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    Quote Originally Posted by rebecca191 View Post
    I'd go back to WotLK. Only thing lost that I care for would be Azeroth flying, which wouldn't be as beneficial anyway, if there wasn't much new on Azeroth.
    Personally, I would too. As in, late WOTLK just before the cata patch. Everything introduced since then I have no issue with losing. At all. I just loved it so much but oh well, no point sitting here pining for it. I might go back to the bit where you couldn't learn 310% flying, you either had a mount for it or didn't But that's only so I could be all "hah I can fly faster than you"
    Quote Originally Posted by goblinpaladin View Post
    Also a vegetable is a person.
    Quote Originally Posted by Orlong View Post
    I dont care if they [gays] are allowed to donate [blood], but I think we should have an option to refuse gay blood if we need to receive blood.

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    The polling sample, though it is small and not completely reflective of the entire populous, shows 3:1 against playing if they turned WoW into "Classic" WoW (which is pretty much what was described in the OP). Blizzard has said on more than one occasion there is no place for a classic style realm and nostalgia, though very powerful, should never be used as a measuring stick for a business model. People who want this would play for a day and then realize one thing:

    They have access to TWO continents, 8 races (with limited classes), and no way to get around other than on a ground mount, a flight path, or a boat. No thanks. We have that now. It's called Pandaria lvl 85-89.

    I loved TBC. It was likely my favorite expansion. But, if they scrapped it all and went back to that model, I would unsub faster than they could remove the option to cancel my sub.

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    This threads not really proving any points.

    The games evolved since then, but we're in a state where we can both choose new features and remove others. The opportunity exists to make the game better.

    Anybody asking for a carbon copy TBC realm hasn't put thought into what it was like, and what they'd miss from the game in its current state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kharli View Post
    no no no no no on on ono no no no no no no, go and dig a ditch please.
    go away shoo shoo shoo.

    you obisly have no fucking clue what would happen if all this well..happend, wow would start bleeding BIG.
    i'd rather just kill world of warcraft than let this happen.
    11:30 /care.
    Get this.

    S.T.O.P M.A.K.I.N.G T.H.E.S.E T.H.R.E.A.D.S F.O.R A.R.G.U.S S.A.K.E
    Get it?!
    Over kill much >..> don't like it don't post, I do infact know what would happen, but since your incapable of reading the first line of the thread, your barley worth quoting

    Quote Originally Posted by hpgupta View Post
    It is so funny that all of these threads want things to be removed from the game.
    I never said remove, I said revert, call it time travel if it makes it simpler for you to understand little one

    Quote Originally Posted by MerinPally View Post
    People are misreading this... it's not a case of "I want this removed" or "A bunch of people think..." but rather a case of people crying out for the way things were in the past so Rotted (whom I actually remember from ingame years ago) simply posted what was in the game/wasn't back then and wants to see if you still desire it. People crying for a past game want what they feel was better plus their creature comforts... which simply didn't exist then.

    So shoo, all you "your game sounds shit" people. Off with ye!
    Finally, and hai

    Also I'm going to pop up a chart now since its been 24 hours, for the most part, thank you to most of you for actually reading the post instead of scanning, and contributing, also I should of edited last night, not dailies removed, daily cap reinstated to 25 with less dailies available, my bad, no idea why I just put removed, also someone mentioned the list is unrelated to each other, technically its not, but its my fault for just dashing them down I should of constructed it better on word then pasted it over

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotted View Post
    I never said remove, I said revert, call it time travel if it makes it simpler for you to understand little one
    something being there one time and not being there after is the very definition of removing...

    blood runs, anger rises, death wakes, war calls

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    Yeah I would gladly play if those features were lost. I understand why people like most of those things, many of them I like too but some of the old stuff contributed to the immersion in the game for me. I feel like the game tries to rush you off your feet with quick conveniences, without leaving much thought to the "world" of warcraft.

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    Removal of LFD and LFR would kill it for me. I play on a pretty dead server, where it would be damn near impossible to organize groups of random people even for 5-man content. I would actually quit playing if they removed those, because short of transferring, there'd be nothing for me to do.

    I do kinda like some of the ideas in that list though. I'd be pretty happy if they removed CRZ and brought back some of the class-specific quests (warlock minions, class mounts, etc). I'm fine with world PvP happening on a PvP server, but I think CRZ took it from one extreme to the other. It would be nice if questing in Hellfire Peninsula were possible again (without requiring me to log over to my level 90 every minute or have an army of level 90 friends to guard me).

    I just thought the class-specific quests were fun and gave classes a little more identity. I really enjoyed the warrior Cyclonian/Fray Island quests and the warlock minions/epic mount quests.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seranthor View Post
    of your list, I'd remove CRZ...

    remove the rest? yea... I'd unsub my 3 accounts faster than a crackfiend with a new rock... and I'd be on the phone to my broker to dump all my ATVI stock quicker than you can blink, why? because I am reasonably certain that I wouldn't be the only one leaving en masse.
    You have 3 active accounts?

    Wow... No wonder you defend pandaria and WoW to the bitter end. You are highly invested in them to the point of ridiculousness. What do you need 3 accounts for, if I might ask?

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    You had me at CRZ and dailies being removed.

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    No. Games have to advance, WoW would most likely be under the loop with other MMOs then. Maybe if they found another way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    You have 3 active accounts?

    Wow... No wonder you defend pandaria and WoW to the bitter end. You are highly invested in them to the point of ridiculousness. What do you need 3 accounts for, if I might ask?
    Because he thoroughly enjoys a game you don't.

    Why is it such a big deal that someone else likes something you no longer enjoy?

    Stop harassing a person who doesn't have the same interests as you. He wants 3 accounts for a game you associate with trash. That's simply what he wants.
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    Things I would like to see would be:

    LFR & LFD removed
    Server mergers
    CRZs removed
    Updated character models
    15 man raid setting
    Hard modes incorporated into the boss fights; Ulduar style
    No flying in Azeroth, except in the Cataclysm zones
    Higher honor and raid token cap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    You have 3 active accounts?

    Wow... No wonder you defend pandaria and WoW to the bitter end. You are highly invested in them to the point of ridiculousness. What do you need 3 accounts for, if I might ask?
    I defend Pandaria? Really? Where? Defend Blizzard? I have plenty of issues with Blizzard. But you are welcome to try another ad hominem, Blizzard doesn't threaten to ban their defenders. Jaylock taking pot shots at folks? but of course. Why do I have 3 accounts? You might ask, but you aren't entitled to know and I'm not inclined to share that with you.

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    I would still play, but a hell of a lot less; I would probably unsub and just pay for time with game cards whenever I wanted to blast things with lightning. It'd devolve pretty quickly into nothing but solo farming for me.

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    I would quit and play the cata and wotlk arena tournament realms. Questing is mindless no leveling while doing bgs would kill it for me.
    You're right except for 2 things.

    1. My name is spelt "God" not "Loucious-sama".
    2. I'm not a man, because man is inherently flawed. I am in fact a being so far beyond your comprehension that archaic constraints like flesh, blood, time and consequently, gender, have no meaning to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slime View Post
    I apoligize Vinni, not everyone that goes for achievement is a moron - I mean those that use their sway in the guild to almost force trying it during raid night - when most don't want to - but don't feel like arguing with the RL about it - they just grin and bare it - even though they would rather be progressing on whatever kill is stopping them.

    And with your Avatar I know I like you already.
    Well to be fair, I've seen those kind of people and they annoy my too. And thanks, I'll tell Mono (the cat) that you like it
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