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    Question Obstacles.

    So every human on this planet has an obstacle that is somewhat unique to them, in their own fashion. What obstacles do you have? What obstacles have you overcome? Do you think you can overcome your current obstacles, and if so, how?

    I decided to create this thread because you never know who may have it worse for you, it can help all of us realize maybe we don't have it so bad, and give advice to those who do have it worse than us, or it may just help us realize what our problems really are in the first place by being in a place where we can talk about them.

    Obstacles I have overcome:
    -Many fears of society, I have become 100x more sociable than I was in High School.
    -Many fears of travel, I had never by myself left my hometown, ever, until just this year.

    Obstacles I have not overcome (yet):
    -My weight. I am an extremely obese person, its causes are many, such as a lack of being able to socialize in middle and high school, being addicted to video games, afraid of getting a job (related to the societal fears), and having a bad diet.
    -School, just finished my second year in college and I STILL haven't picked a degree. I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life, and I am baffled as to how so many other people can pick what they want to do on a whim. I'm guessing the reason I don't know is cause I didn't get enough experiences in life when I was younger.

    Do I think I can overcome my obstacle of weight?
    -At this point I can only hope I can. I weigh nearly 400 pounds, I still have the energy to work out and the patience and resilience to diet, but combining both together to really lose weight really drains me, I have next to no energy when I both diet and work out at the same time.

    So in other words, yes I do think I can overcome my main obstacle of losing weight.

    Do I think I can overcome my obstacle of school?
    -Absolutely, its just a matter of discovering who I really am, and I think losing weight will help with that decision.

    What about you?
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    Overcome -

    Sociability. I used to be incredibly hesitant to talk to someone I didn't know particularly well, and I used to mumble my way through talks. I can pretty much hold a conversation solidly now, and I'm a bit more open. I still am mildly hesitant though, cautious being a good word to use.

    Yet to overcome -

    I am a HORRIBLE procrastinator. I constantly leave work to the very last minute, my mantra is essentially "Why do today, that which you can do tommorrow." It's not a good spot to be in. Thankfully, when I do actually get started on my work I can blast my way through it without stopping. I can write essays in a couple of hours that normally take people a few days, and to good quality as well.

    As to the weight thing, yepp, it's hard. I've only recently started upping my efforts to lose weight, I've been slowed down somewhat by the pressing need to finish my coursework lately however, but once that's out of the way I'm launching into it full swing. I'm only roughly about 20 pounds overweight, if that, a couple of weeks back I started cycling every day, 20 miles once a day, and I cut a lot of crap out of my diet. In two weeks I had lost roughly 8 pounds. I personally found that having solid numbers helped me to motivate myself. For example:

    Your body naturally burns roughly 2500 calories a day, that's you doing absolutely nothing, just lying in bed, you'll burn 2500 calories in 24 hours, as soon as you get up a and start moving, you're burning additional calories.

    Each pound of fat is roughly 3500 calories, so burn a pound of fat, you need a calorie deficit of 3500. Not in one day mind, that simply won't happen and it shouldn't even be attempted.

    Ideally, you should work out what you eat in the day, and figure out how many calories that is, then it's simply a case of finding a balance. You want to get the number of calories you intake, lower the number you burn. A good idea would be to go for about 2000 calories a bit, and add a bit of exercise into the mix to up that burn. Trust me when I say, it will take time, a lot of time. Don't expect to start seeing results immediately, don't even expect to see them in weeks. Just keep at it.

    A lot of it is to do with motivation more than anything else. It's your own willpower that's going to help.

    Lastly, I'll link a reddit page you may pretty damn useful, as I know a lot of people have:

    It's a great bit of motivation to get started, and they can probably give you a bit more advice than I can.
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    -social ability of an oyster (I even have trouble making a phone call)
    -can't do anything, even if I want to (can be the easiest thing, like drawing or reading more than a few lines about something that I want to learn)
    -underweight, can't eat enough to gain weight (and not enough money to buy the amount of food needed anyway)
    -some other health issues (amongst others: hurting teeth, abdominal pain, stuffy nose all year round, etc)
    -dropped out of school at age 17 (I think 17, don't remember exactly), tried homeschooling, when I got my first test I read like 2 lines and threw it away
    -never had a job (22 now)
    and probably some other stuff that I forgot about

    I don't think I'll overcome any of those or even make it past 30 without at least attempting suicide...

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    Exams. I need to overcome exams...

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