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    Saving a few dollars for high speed internet is nowhere close to being happy where you live. If your story is true, reporting them could mean they'll find a way to get back at you. Better to just peace out and find somewhere else to live.

    Personally, I'd suggest finding a place where there's someone represented from both genders. People who can live with the other sex are generally more mature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babzu View Post
    I currently live in apartment for school with 3 room mates who find it ok to smoke weed around the house, play loud rap music 24/7 to the point where I have to leave to study, and cant even watch a show in my room. And this one guy puts some sort of liquid stuff on his food that's suppose to act as testosterone boosters, so he spends most his time screaming at random shit. Not to mention the highschool drop out who thinks he is going to get a degree in video game design that wears a swastika and speaks of how killing all blacks would make America better.
    Does this guy chugging testosterone boosters also run around screaming about being alpha? Sounds like you are living with brucie from GTA4!

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