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    Heroic scenarios

    Do we have any idea what you can get out of heroic scenarios yet like pets,gear of any sort or more VP's than normal heroics..? im just curious as to what we are suppose to get from them or is it going to be a waste of time doing them?

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    Chance for 516(I believe) gear, lots of valour, and 'chieves. That's it.

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    ah nice one ty for the reply mate

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    Yeah I agree.
    I think this heroic scenarios are going to substitute the heroic 5 mans. As Blizzard stated they are much easier to create and they are going to dish them out successively in order to prevent complaints about missing content.
    I'm not all against it but for me it would be great if they made the 5 man heroics challenging again. Because these 3 man heroics make absolutely no sense game wise.

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