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    Prolly how Games Workshop feeled when Blizzard made Warcraft 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crista View Post
    Prolly how Games Workshop feeled when Blizzard made Warcraft 1

    I wonder if Hex is going to be on the iPad or not. I think that's going to be the dealbreaker for me if it's not. Will go Hearthstone then.

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    Meh I will prbly just stick with Hearthstone. Its Warcraft thats the only reason I'm gunna even play it.
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    who cares. Warcraft fans will play hearthstone just because its blizzard and warcraft. Online card games dont really need to compete. its a open market that has room to grow.
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    They seem completely different games - I intend to check both out.

    Hearthstone looks like a solid game that leans on the side of easy access, as someone who's dabbled in MTG, it seems a bit simple, lacking all of the complexity MTG has. But simple isn't stupid, and it certainly isn't bad - it looks like an enjoyable and well crafted game that I'm certain I'll invest time into, all the more if it has tie-ins with WoW proper.

    Hex looks like it's possibly even more complex than MTG to the point of being needlessly convoluted. I'll check it out, since I like the MMO time sink model and I like MTG, but I'm worried it'll end up requiring more time than I'm willing to give it. Looks interesting either way.

    Both are F2P iirc, so not like I'm losing anything by checking both out.

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    I am pretty sure they don't feel a damn thing about Hex. Just like they didn't give 2 drops of piss about SWTOR, Rift, and any number of other possible competition.

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