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    ways to stop gold spam/selling

    I recently have been playing Neverwinter a new MMO that is out in beta, and they restrict you to level 15 before you can send mail, join a guild, etc. My question is for you all...is this a good idea to stop gold spam/selling of gold? If they have to level a character to level 15 first, would it slow or hinder them enough to have to level to 15 before they can send or receive mail?

    Level 15 doesn't take that long but it does take a few hours at least, maybe half a day depending on how much you play, if gold sellers have lots of people playing 24/7 it might not make to much of a difference, but it certainly can help i think

    In wow probably wouldn't have much a impact, but i don't know for sure, there is already those restrictions on the free to play accounts, and the max level is 20 on those also.

    Do you think it would be a huge deal to be restricted on new toons to not be able to send/recieve mail until a certain level? or maybe even have a timed lockout, where you create a toon you have to wait so many hours (days) before you can use said services? That would be a good idea i think. There wouldn't be as many random accounts made, unless they mass spammed it so that they had 100 accounts created, just waited it out, then did their thing, but when/if they get banned, it would be kinda counter-productive

    That would have (i said would have...because we have fought this issue for 8 years...) stopped a lot of the issues, and continue to see all the time, but maybe they will always be there, can never get rid of them in any mmo.

    Seems like wow hasn't came up with anything new to fight them in years, other than improved reporting/banning systems

    Just some random thoughts....

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    Most of the gold selling accounts are such with a higher level (hacked accounts - why would a botter risk his own?). So level makes no difference other than the amount of high levels that account has; they just make new chars to advertise is all, hence the L1 spammers.

    Also, level 15 takes about 30mins at most (of actual playing). Not a couple of hours to half a day.

    As for making a difference, yes it would - because a lot of people mail to alts/friends/guildies from level 1 bank chars. It would just be annoying.
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    If it was that easy then Blizzard would've already done it. As treelife said, there are problems that this solution would cause.

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