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    I have been playing my DESTRO warlock at 90 for the past 3 weeks, and been having a blast, especially since its my first "serious" dps class (been a healer/tank for 4 years) but i have noticed something that's really confusing me... I'am at 490 ilevel, fully hit capped, gemmed, reforged and i know my rotation yet i pull much less then what i should be. Most locks of my spec/ilevel range seem to pull upwards of 90k+ yet i am struggling to maintain something near 70k dps... I have thought of everything but cant seem to think of anything in particular, besides MAYBE my trinkets being my weakpoint yet idk how trinkets can make a difference of 20k dps, and its really frustrating to fail at a apparently "face roll" spec... Anyways i can't post a link to my armory yet apparently, so my character name is KHAXION on Area 52 US if you guys are interested in looking me up in armory. Any and all advice would be greatly appareciated, cheers!

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    You're slightly under hit cap, have the wrong Meta gem, and your normal gems are a bit all over the place. You also have no enchants. Based on this, I can only assume your rotation might also be off in some way. Fixing this will help you a ton.

    Start Here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-100-more-pets

    Destro is by far "face roll". By outward appearance, it may look less intimidating than Aff or Demo, but slight nuances in game play will separate good Destro locks from bad ones. Read the sticky, re-evaluate your character, and then you should start seeing the numbers you want.

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