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    Unhappy Blizzard, love your game, but...

    Blizzard, I loved you, I love WoW, or at least, I used to, now it's more of a fondness of testing dps of different classes. But you're hemorrhaging subscribers, and I think it's largely due to your relative resistance to criticism of your tweaks/changes/talents and so on. I believe you have lost sight of your goals in making the game fun for everyone/easy to pick up in an attempt to appease certain angry elitist players who want every little thing balanced down to the digit. Hardcore raiding is not increasing, in fact as you well know it's decreasing, and the casual players are getting turned off by being nearly forced to doing dailies or running around the Island hoping to kill a rare and get a coin so they can run the same LFR they've run 3 times this week and try yet again to get something, ANYTHING, to drop for them.
    Don't forget your roots, guys. Casual raiding WAS and still IS the way to go. The days of Naxxramas and ICC were your glory days. Pandering to the 3% of your player base that will clear anything you put out in a month tops and then quit til the next patch anyway is not a good business OR gaming notion.
    I plan to resubscribe one day when I can afford it. I don't mean to trample on your efforts but I'm just sharing my opinions with you.
    Take care.

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    This isn't Blizzard's forums, nor is MMO-Champion at all affiliated with them. If you want to send Blizzard a message, you'll have to do it on their site.

    If you want to discuss problems you see within the game, there are plenty of available threads here right now to do so in.

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