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    I voted yes, not because I actually want to do LFR, but because until they make ToT crossrealm, I don't really have any other options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ula View Post

    The experiences are so drastically different i don't see how one could, given that they have the time to do normal raids.
    Technically I quit normal mode raiding because they don't fit my schedule, however if my schedule opened up again, I realize that I wouldn't go back, I enjoy LFR much more.

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    Stopped raiding (mostly normals) and pretty much just do LFR, except for those few nights I sub in. Raiding 1 night a week not so bad, 3 nights a week, 4hrs a night just got to be too much.

    I could still play 10 hours a day, the hours would be different than when I raided normal and there is something really nice about just walking away whenever I want.

    Didn't stop raiding FOR LFR and some weeks I skip LFR as well.

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    I intend to use LFR to transition into normal and HC once more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windfury View Post
    Raiding isn't first place on everyone's priority list. .
    If thats the case then so be it.

    Just saying that for those that want to do organized raiding but "seem" to cant find a working schedule
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    MAYBE one day I will.. If I one day dont have time for normal raiding schedule for some odd reason.

    Just as an example to why I want to keep going with raiding normal/hc:

    Last time I raided we experienced several wipes on a boss. Some of those wipes was because of faults I did. This makes raiding more interesting to me, knowing that I need to pay attention and do my part. If I dont, I might end up wiping the whole raid.

    Sure, it's never fun being the one who fucks up, but hey that happens in all aspects of life. You do most stuff just fine and good, but sometimes you fuck up!

    I would say you feel obligated towards your raid to perform and do well and it's always such a good feeling when you and your raid team did well.

    In LFR.. well what can I say that hasnt been said about it before? There is so much wierd stuff going on there and so little punishment. I always do my part, but its a bit boring knowing I dont really need to since the whole raid basically gets carried by Blizzard.
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    Yes and no. I did quit normal raiding but it wasn't specifically to do LFR. I don't enjoy LFR and only run 1 boss a week. After Cata I just quit raiding normals completely as I stopped enjoying raiding and hated the fact that I was expected to login at certain times for a number of hours. I don't want that commitment so I stopped raiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nasriel View Post
    Yes and no. I did quit normal raiding but it wasn't specifically to do LFR. I don't enjoy LFR and only run 1 boss a week. After Cata I just quit raiding normals completely as I stopped enjoying raiding and hated the fact that I was expected to login at certain times for a number of hours. I don't want that commitment so I stopped raiding.
    Yeah, I understand that reason! Even though you dont do much LFR, its different now and easier to quit raiding normal raiding since everyone knows that LFR is there for everyone to see content and kill raid bosses

    Im pretty sure im going to end up with LFR one day.
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    Yes, but it's complicated. Quillen boss was a mechanical brick wall for my guild last fall and after a 2-3 hour night spent wiping with absolutely no progress no one wanted to raid again. So everyone went PvP and/or LFR.

    Those that went mostly PvP spent months grinding out full sets of PvP gear, thousands of gold gemming and enchanting etc, only to have the 5.3 bomb drop on them, and they all lost faith and quit. Guild dead.

    There's no question in my mind whatsoever that the first tier should have been a lot more forgiving. My guild would have done fine in Naxx 10, instead it fell apart and most players ended up quitting.

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    Yes, and by normal i mean heroic the "Normal" mode that exists shouldnt be there, makes no sense.
    But anyway, lfr now...and i am on the virge of canceling my sub
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    Yes. I used to do normal modes so I could see content and progress my character. And now the gear alone isn't worth the extra time and hassle.

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    At first I thought about it, than decided LFR is just not fun, like Normal / Herioc Modes.
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    Stopped normal/heroic raiding in early cata due to guilds falling apart and not wanting to bother go searching for another guild. Can't say I particularly enjoy doing LFR but it's nice to at least be able to see the content and not have to adhere to some strict "show up at this time on these days or you get da boot" schedule.

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    I quit heroic/normal raiding for my job and not lfr

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    Yes, I raided back in Wrath but my guild collapsed early cata and never really got back into raiding until 4.3 and there was really no point in joining a guild

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    I haven't done a heroic / normal raid since Cata now? I'm ancient as hell after doing the whole top raiding guild thing in terms of HC it just got old and stale with that being said DS put a nail to the coffin like it was THAT bad of a raid.

    I'll probably get back into it eventually who knows.

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    I quit raiding actively because my 10 man fell apart last patch, and just haven't bothered to look for another guild. The truth is, I'm having much more fun queueing lfr with friends on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, then play alts the rest of the week. I thought I would get bored without a raid schedule, but I haven't. I find myself enjoying the game again because I quit normal raiding.
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    I quit normal for LFR but only because my last guild downsized to 10m at the start of Mop.

    I personally don't feel that 10m is large enough to consider a raid and something about a small army of 10 people being able to consistantly kill massive evil enemies just screams bullshit to me considering the nations in wow with huge armies are unable to pull off the destruction of said evil beings yet 10 goofballs can.

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    The only reason I say yes is that I am part of a VERY small guild of friends. We don't get a chance to spend much time online at the same time anymore and frankly a few of us are very bad at the game. They are great people to hang with, but not people I can raid with. So if I do any current raids, it's lfr. I love grabbing my friends for old school raids for chieves and transmog items. That is more fun to me anyway.

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    After reading all of these posts, something occurred to me. People who've been playing for awhile since vanilla/BC are growing up. And I'm one of them.

    I've raided since BC myself, hit 60 a few weeks before it was released. Progressively raided more hardcore throughout the game and after wiping on heroic Rag for 50 hours, the day we killed him (day the first hp nerf hit) I decided I was done. Within that time period I had gotten engaged..had a kid..and believe me, I miss being dedicated and hardcore, but I also realized during all of those wipes that this was another job. 25+ hrs a week on top of working full time and a baby on the way, I knew it just wasn't meant to be. And to be honest, it was almost heartbreaking as sad as it sounds (believe me, it feels lame typing it). Actually, I sent some of my old guildies tells to see how they were doing tonight only to be greeted with DBM status's for heroic lei shen.

    BUT...I'm so happy with my casual grown up guild. Everyone has kids, everyone makes mistakes. We're 11/12 normals, but every kill feels like such an epic victory, even if it's only 9hrs a week. Of course I still get the itch to back to hardcore...but that's not part of growing up unfortunately. And it sucks, but it's worth the payoff to win epics irl.

    Just my 2c.

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