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    Have you quit normal mode raiding for LFR?

    Down and dirty poll in which I'm curious to see the results.

    Since MoP, have you quit normal mode (and/or heroic) raiding for LFR?
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    Technically, yes. But not because I preferred it. My guild leader burnt out, and then the guild collapsed with it. I would do normal raids if I could, but I don't want to raid with some random people. I raided with my friends, previously, and they have either quit wow since, or scattered to different guilds or server transferred.

    I now VP cap on my main, and then VP cap on my alts, waiting for something. 5.3 looks like an utter bore.
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    Undeserved thread lock in I guess...
    Used to do normal/hc before mop tho

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    I actually got back into normal/heroic raiding because of LFR. I went casual after the nightmare that was called Dragon Soul, played MoP LFR, found the mechanics interesting, asked a friend's guild if there was a spot, and got to it. I'm glad I did because I'm enjoying the game at the moment.

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    I only do LFR because I don't have the the dedicated free time to commit to a raid schedule, LFR I can just jump in and do whenever I fancy. But no I've not quit normal raiding in favour of LFR.

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    When that happens, I will quit wow.

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    The experiences are so drastically different i don't see how one could, given that they have the time to do normal raids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kipling View Post
    I only do LFR because I don't have the the dedicated free time to commit to a raid schedule, LFR I can just jump in and do whenever I fancy. But no I've not quit normal raiding in favour of LFR.
    Kinda what this guy said, I don't do normal raiding as I don't want to commit to a raiding guild for it anymore as very few of my mates still play (only around 4-5 of them) we all raid at odd hours so LFR fills that gap. Can log on do some dungeons a scenario and then do a raid. Gives me more time to spend on the game on things I really enjoy as well like finding transmog gear.

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    Technically I have quit Hardmode raiding..but not for LFR, I do LFR and quit HM raiding because of changing life circumstances. Less time to play in a nutshell.

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    I would rather quit then only do LFR
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreknar20 View Post
    I would rather quit then only do LFR

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    Not quit, but we're on hold at the moment. we're a small friends-and-family guild who doesn't recruit, so it took us a while to get a viable team together (we lack tanks and healers). Once we got a team we started raiding, but we're now on hold since several members of the team have RL stuff getting in the way. We'll probably pick up again next month.

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    I do both. Most of our guild just does lfr though. Normal raiding is currently not appropriate for their skill level.
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    And the tiny fraction for whom heroic raids are currently well tuned? Too bad,so sad! With the arterial bleed of subs the fastest it's ever been, the vanity development that gives you guys your own content is no longer supportable.

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    Nope, lfr is good if you dont have time to get an spot in a guild tho

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    Technically I did, since I can't be arsed sticking to a schedule anymore, so I would have quitted organized raiding anyway. But I'm glad I can still see the content and experience the lore through LFR.

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    Yes. Clêared heroic MSV then quit raiding to do lfr. Now I have even quit LFR and are lucky to log in once a week now.
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    Pretty much. Not to rehash the other threads but it boils down to normal mode not being "normal" for average players (which may or may not include myself. Depends on the day.) and I actually quit from around November until a few months ago because my old guild imploded due to not being able to do MSV. I occasionally fill a spot when my current guild goes back and does T14, but I haven't set foot in ToT (don't have the iLevel even for LFR yet. Stupid RNG) and basically just log on to do LFR each week, and then I've been playing The Secret World and enjoying that game. I no longer have the desire to waste time wiping on overtuned content because somebody moved a second too late from a voidzone, taunted a moment too late/soon or because fights have too many things going on at once while still having a strict DPS check.
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    Since MoP i actualy stopped doing raidfinder altogether.

    My main doesn't need it, and i don't feel like doing legendary quest lines on alts.

    I would never solely do Raidfinder, id rather pvp naked.
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    No, I haven't quit normal/heroic to do LFR. My guild took a bit of a break from raiding the past month, during which I still ran LFR every week, but we're returning to regular raiding now.

    If I were to quit organised raiding I'd still do LFR every so often, but I wouldn't call it 'quitting normal mode raiding for LFR'. It'd just be that my method of playing WoW would change, and I'd still be able to do LFR while not doing organised raiding. LFR wouldn't cause me to quit organised raiding, in other words.

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    No, I've actually gone the other way (in a round about way...)

    My old guild and server had died (horde side anyway) so I ran LFR's for something to do, when at best we had 5 people online at anytime and no hope of getting a raid going I moved servers so I could find a guild running normal modes.

    I actually don't get how someone could quit normal raids to do LFR, it just seems backwards to me, if you have no time or can't find a guild then it kinda makes sense, but if you can raid normal why wouldn't you?
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