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    Been raiding since MC and BWL days and 5.2 will be my first tier where I hadn't made a stab at the raiding. I had my share of hardcore raiding during Naxx 40 and almost all of BC, continued to raid steadily through Wotlk and and Cata and sort of tapered off at Dragon Soul and into MoP 5.0. Now, I don't raid and just run LFR. Personal choice for personal reasons; not a time commitment issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreknar20 View Post
    there are always guilds that can meet someones schedule

    Hell on my realm, there are even late night raiding guilds for people who have no time during the day
    Not everyones on servers that have that, I'm on a medium to low pop RP realm, have been for over 7 years, I love my small realm and community and the friends and my guild. I would gladly do without raiding to keep all of that. Some things are more important for some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chazus View Post
    Technically, yes. But not because I preferred it. My guild leader burnt out, and then the guild collapsed with it. I would do normal raids if I could, but I don't want to raid with some random people. I raided with my friends, previously, and they have either quit wow since, or scattered to different guilds or server transferred.

    I now VP cap on my main, and then VP cap on my alts, waiting for something. 5.3 looks like an utter bore.
    That's an excuse. You won't join another guild because you don't want to raid with people you don't know, yet you do lfr. Guilds fall apart. Because your friends are no longer present, you're choosing to do lfr.

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    I voted "yes" - but technically I'm not playing anymore.

    However, I did finally quit normal raiding at the end and quite enjoyed it. Then CRZ happened on my PVE server, and I was out...
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    When my time allows it i do LFR and sometimes some xrealm on openraid.

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    yep, lfr takes a small amount of time unlike normal/heroic raids.
    Unlike most people i would rather pump time into my real life that sitting at the comp for hours on end turning into a basement dwelling chud like creature.

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    No but I quitted the game due to LFR as it made it impossible to motivate people to run normal-mode... Everyone just went LFR, faster, easier, basically same gear and as I rather eat glass than do LFR, there was nothing in the game left for me, hence /bye!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SherbertLand View Post
    That's an excuse. You won't join another guild because you don't want to raid with people you don't know, yet you do lfr. Guilds fall apart. Because your friends are no longer present, you're choosing to do lfr.
    It's not an excuse, it's a statement of priorities. Their friends are more important to them than raiding, they are choosing to play with their friends rather than raid since they have to make that choice. There's nothing wrong with that at all. Raiding isn't everybody's first priority in the game.

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    Yes i stopped pugging because of the LFR.

    But they never should have introduced LFR in the first place.
    I went to a highpop server because i couldn't find pugs to go with on my alts. (just before MoP).

    Since transfer i never pugged, cause they introduced the (way too easy) LFR, and the only way to cope with the
    TOO MANY dailies they also introduced, was doing that LFR.

    And because of the above, i never even got time to level an alt to 90, let alone pug.

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    normal/hc raiding is 100000000x better then lfr :P

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    Yes, not enough time (and patience) to make normal/hard raids anymore.
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    I quit WoW and heroic mode progression altogether for perhaps 1 year. After that year I came back and I had no time to do raids. So I do LFR. At first I skipped it entirely. Simply because it was a cesspit to me. But this is not always the case. Would I raid normal modes instead of LFR if I had the time? I don't think so. Not anymore. I have the opportunity right now. But I don't seem to fit into a raiddinguild anymore. I like logging off whenever I want to, play whenever I want to. And not be a slave to a guildsystem. I like having a Real Life that comes first. I neglected that for about 7/8 years before. So yes while I don't feel LFR is real raiding, I do pref. LFR nowadays. It does let me see the content and I do read the story stuff. And apart from that it lets me upgrade my character. But as LFR is sometimes a cesspool of cursing and a lot of lazy players, it is something that I do not enjoy. It is mostly just about acquiring gear. And yes I feel like I have wasted my time if something doesn't drop. I am not there to have fun. I am there for the gear (and once the story).

    Would I be happy with instant gear? Hell no. I didn't get instant gear either when I raided heroic raids. But since I do detest LFR, I wouldn't mind the dropchance that the 5.1/5.0 instances have on loot for newer instances aswell. That way I could get my gear and focus on other stuff that I like aswell. Running LFR for the sake of running LFR is boring.

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    No. You cannot replace the feeling of epicness from a hard-fought progression kill with the zergfest that is LFR. I have no problem with it, but I don't do it.
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    quitted hardcore raiding for a more slack 3days a week raiding schedule. but i think i will quit the game be4 i go down to only raiding lfr.

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    normally in most games i play at the highest difficulty level, but i'm tired as hell of the guild system in wow. don't want to stick to a schedule anymore, having to organize your life around a fixed schedule is a horribly dated and dying system. i'd love an openraid-like system in game, in order to organize PUGs cross-realm with like-minded individuals when i feel like it.

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    Right now, yes, but that's mostly because I only pretty recently hit 90 on my main (came back after a 6-month or so break). I'm just doing LFR as a stepping stone to gear up some so I can run normal mode stuff with my guild.

    Nothing against LFR though. I've just never liked doing pugs and won't do them any more than I have to do them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mooboy View Post
    If you have no time or can't find a guild then it kinda makes sense, but if you can raid normal why wouldn't you?
    this would change a lot of peoples answers i am sure,
    most people (maybe?) didn't quit reg/heroic, to do lfr,
    they quit reg/heroic because of time commitment(or what have you)...and hence do lfr to see the content.

    kind of changes the meaning of the poll really...

    have you quit normal or heroic for LFR
    have you quit normal or heroic because you don't have enough time / etc...

    because if you quit because of the time commitment then it's not quitting for LFR, its quitting because you don't have a good schedule for raiding.
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    I will never quit normal raiding for LFR. The general lack of class knowledge and unwillingness to accept advice by people in LFR is astounding. Progression can be frustrating, but LFR is actually detrimental to my health. I always look forward to not needing any drops from LFR so that I can be done with the stupidity. Also, I raid 2 nights a week at 3 hours a night, it ends up taking less time to do progression than queue/wipe/clear all the wings in LFR.
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