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    As for the legendary meta, it won't be as bad next patch to progress through the questline, sigils will be easier to get and the valor grind will be reduced to 3000 VP.
    Still atleast 2-3 Ids of Sigils,3 Ids of VP, and then 5+ weeks for ToT-Items, still quite a lot.

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    I feel your pain infact I knew it was coming even at the start of the expansion. I healed a few of the first bosses in Vaults with no problem but I knew that it would become impossible to keep up with other healers. I was forced to switch to a new class or go elemental which I hated. I went ele and raided for a few months and got sick of it. I honestly suggest you try to do some resto PvP its pretty broken atm. I can't be 1v1 and most of the time I survive 2 even 3 people on me and escape. Shamans have been lack luster healers since the start of cataclysm. Again like you said our major heals are all situation based. The problem I have is resto shamans have never been effective at 10 man and 25 mans it was only a matter of time.

    I suggest you take a break like I did back in december. I came back recently and all I have done is PvP which is pretty damn fun. Even thinking of rolling a lock to pew pew in it. Best of luck.

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