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    Can you DE with offline Members?

    Hi is it possible to dienchant items if the Enchanter is offline?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fincher View Post
    Hi is it possible to dienchant items if the Enchanter is offline?
    At one point you were able to, but it was an exploit so I wouldn't reccomend it even if it still does work.
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    In theory only people online and inside the instance/in range can loot items. I would assume that extends to DE as well. If the DE is in range and eligeble to loot, you can choose to DE the item when using group loot.

    On that note, i have a friend i group up alot with when doing random stuff and he is enchanter. More often than not we end up miles apart, and i can almost for certain say that i dont get the option to DE stuff. Only when he is close and eligble to get the loot, i can choose DE. (PS! Not 100% sure about this though)

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    Sometimes when in raid and killing random rares I get DE option. When I roll I am the only one on the loot list rolling, so I guess I'm the only one eligible to get the loot. About the offline part, I tried that a few months ago and it didn't work. Just try again. It is not some science experiment. Just get your alt or ask a friend.

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    one time it worked but than it didnt so idk

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    I remember being in party with a friend (enchanter) and being in different location i could DE greens even when he went offline. Don't know how it work on dungeons
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    in dugeons i dono but in a party you can

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